Sunday, July 25, 2010

Badminton Battle

One of the highlights of Gaz staying with us was our almost daily badminton hit-abouts around our apartment block. Ok, it wasn't on a properly marked-out court, nor was there a net to catch some of our terribly low tennis shots, but it was a great physical work-out, and lots of fun. The humidity was draining, so we often took water and 100plus with us to keep us hydrated.

Our ready photographer, Fidelia, captured some lovely images of us in action in a particularly intense exchange of hard-hitting badminton on a sunny evening. I miss these moments with Gaz!

Warmed-up with some easy forehands

Gaz got straight into the action with an overhead

Casual forehand

I hurl a cock back towards Gaz

Gaz lines one up

Gaz in action with an overhead

I belt the cock across the yard

Fie took a couple of nice close-ups of me...reminds me of a few pictures of Roger Federer from this years Australian Open...not that I'm trying to put myself in his bracket, of course!

Gaz loves this picture because he thinks he looks like Keanu Reeves off The Matrix!

Great shot of Gaz guiding a forehand down the line

Jumping for a smash

Showing off my Roger Federer service

Watching a backhand leave the strings

Gaz in action again

Gaz lining up the cock...

I almost have a collision with a rusting box!

Springing into the air for a backhand overhead, the most difficult shot in the book

Probably my favourite picture, suspended in mid-air, winding up for a big smash

Gaz weighs in with a meaty hit of his own

Nice connection...

...and follow-through

Gaz prepares for a backhand...

Look at the slice on that!!!

Knackered after a hard-fought match!


  1. "Gaz lining up the cock..."

  2. I take it you enjoyed that tongue-in-cheek line?!


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