Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pahang Buddhist Association

Here in Kuantan can be found the Pahang Buddhist Association - a marble-floored temple with lush garden grounds. I do love to retreat here where the lake and grounds are flanked by a large rock face and the tranquility inside the cool shiny-floored temple is all-encompassing. We often come here during our free time where there is beautiful scenery and always a picture to be taken. Here are some images of our recent trip there:

Had to get a picture of the most beautiful scene on show!

I love this landscape shot!

What a fabulous flower!

The interior of the temple

The fish are back

This is more than just a Buddhist Temple. People of whatever religion may come here and experience a feeling of peace and serenity and likewise enjoy the stunning nature on offer. With current renovation around the gardens, this can be a great tourist pull and place of great interest. I for one never tire of visiting this holy site.

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