Saturday, July 31, 2010

Panching Waterfall

For four years we have been meaning to go to Panching Waterfall without making any commitment to do so. Our friend Raymond offered to take us there a few weeks ago and so we took up the invitation gladly. I went there with high hopes of a spectacular scene, though I'm not sure on what evidence I based that assumption.

After a drive through the jungles and past a quarry we were greeted with the following scene:

If you can't see in the picture, I was disgusted to learn that Malaysians were charged RM2 for entrance whilst for a foreigner, like myself, admittance was RM5! This had already dampened my spirits somewhat, but they were about to be drenched a short while later. 

It turned out that the Panching Waterfall was a rather boring place to be. The actual waterfall was a great sight, but apart from that, there was nowhere else to go.

Here are some pictures I took:

Love this picture!

It was so difficult to take photos here - just nothing too inspiring apart from the grand waterfall. I don't fancy playing in the water all day either; not quite my idea of fun. Well, I'm glad that we eventually got to go there, but it's a bit too far from Kuantan town to justify another visit any time soon.


  1. Hey, Duncan! For spectacular scenery of waterfalls in Kuantan, I recommend you have a look at the Rainbow Falls of Sungai Lembing. Although it is slightly off the beaten track, you'll be pleased to be rewarded with an awesome sight of water disintegrating into mists and sprays and the manifestations of a rainbow against a backdrop of lush vegetation and rugged boulders. :)

  2. Hey JK, thanks for your time here! I've been to Sungai Lembing before but regrettably it was only for a very short period. I'd love to go and see those waterfalls and the sunrise on the famous hill!


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