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This is a sample essay I wrote on the above question.


4. help Kuantan develop into a city
a) more well-known
b) infrastructure
c) famous landmark - like Twin Towers

3. attract foreigners, tourists
a) make more money
b) become internationally renowned
c) share Malaysian culture with tourists

2. create more jobs
a) more people can work and earn money
b) people enjoy a better life
c) strengthen the economy

5. convention centre
a) important companies can meet there
b) seminars can help us learn from successful people
c) weddings

1. a high-class, five-star hotel
a) place to relax
b) visitors have nice place to stay
c) a good advertisement for Kuantan


The Zenith Hotel will benefit Kuantan in a number of ways. As a five-star hotel, it will create more jobs for locals, attract foreigners and help Kuantan develop into a city. The adjacent convention centre will also boost business in Kuantan.
(42 words)

1st POINT:

As a high-class, five-star hotel, the first in the town centre, it will stand as a prime advertisement for this developing town. Kuantan will be seen as a better place because of the Zenith Hotel's presence. Visitors to Kuantan will enjoy this luxurious place to stay and feel like returning again in the future. In the heat of the day, locals and tourists alike will be grateful for the beautiful, air-conditioned foyer to cool-off with friends.
(80 words)

2nd POINT:

Another advantage of the Zenith Hotel lies in its ability to generate numerous jobs for locals. Those who are unemployed will be offered a lifeline and given the opportunity of work and earning a monthly wage. Since there are many positions which don't require a university education, many less-educated citizens may also apply for various vacancies. Having a daily job and source of income increases happiness and can pave the way for a better life ahead. Moreover, it can stimulate the economy. As the government's wealth increases, so does the wealth of its citizens.
(95 words)

3rd POINT:

The iconic nature of the Zenith Hotel will be a major tourist attraction. A bustling city life and services to match the tropical beaches and gardens will pull in visitors and their money. Due to the international exchange rates they will be able to spend generously on Malaysian goods, services and souvenirs. When they return home, they will have many stories to tell and share with friends and family. As Kuantan is recommended by visitors, it will over time, become an internationally-renowned location. With an increase in foreign tourists, we will have opportunities to share the Malaysian culture with them, enabling the Malaysian way of life to be known by a more global audience.
(115 words)

4th POINT:

The Zenith Hotel, along with other future developments, can help propel Kuantan to city-status. As a city, better transport links and increasing business interests will contribute to Kuantan becoming well-known throughout Malaysia and overseas. With growth comes better infrastructure, making travel more convenient. A public transport system would also ease congestion and promote Kuantan as a more attractive place. The completion of the Zenith Hotel could see it become a famous landmark, a symbol and icon of Kuantan, a building that could define Kuantan's prosperity.
(87 words)

5th POINT:

Attached to the Zenith Hotel will stand the impressive, 5,000-seat Sultan Ahmad Shah International Convention Centre (SASICC). This will be a magnet to important companies from Kuantan and around the country to hold various annual or semi-annual meetings there, which in turn will pump more money into Kuantan. The SASICC would also be an ideal place for larger-sized seminars to take place. We will then have a greater opportunity of learning from successful people, what drives them, and how we too can achieve success. Furthermore, the Convention Centre will offer an elegant venue for weddings. Couples will be able to invite more friends and family members, and have a truly memorable time.
(114 words)


I feel that the Zenith Hotel and Convention Centre will have a positive impact on Kuantan and bring an array of benefits for locals, foreigners and the economy as our town continues to prosper and work towards city-hood.
(39 words)

[TOTAL: 573 words]

{This essay can be shortened by using only 3 points instead of 5, for those in Form 1-3}

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