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The Plan

1. easy access to KL and quicker
- non-stop ride or maybe few stops
- avoid congestion near KL
- shorter travel time

2. save money on petrol, buses
- increasing petrol price for personal car
- buses are slower and stuck in congestion near KL
- more affordable

3. expanded work horizons
- have an option of working in KL
- be able to earn more money
- find higher-paid jobs, advance in company

4. increase in visitors to Kuantan
- people in KL will have an alternative route of transportation to Kuantan
- foreign visitors will have an easy option to discover Kuantan
- the east coast region won't seem so far away

5. better for the environment
- save fuel
- less air pollution
- carbon footprint


A proposed train line linking Kuantan with KL will offer many advantages to the people of KL and Kuantan, foreign visitors, and the environment.
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1st point:

The train line would primarily offer easy access to KL. A non-stop ride would take a maximum of two hours with perhaps a few stops at prominent towns along the way. Such a line would also avoid congestion around KL, making a stress-free journey to the capital. A shorter travel time of two hours will be appealing to those in a rush or even those who are travelling at their leisure.
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2nd point:

Generally we either travel to KL by our own car or by public bus. With the implementation of a new train line, commuters will enjoy savings on petrol and bus ticket prices. As the price of petrol continues to increase, it becomes more necessary to travel in groups so that the cost of fuel is spread equally. Certainly travel by train would dramatically reduce spending. An added advantage of using the train over the bus is the fact that buses often get stuck in traffic jams, especially around KL. Travelling by train induces no such congestion. All in all, the train holds the benefit that it will be considerably more affordable than going by car or bus, therefore allowing more people from Kuantan and surrounding areas to visit KL.
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3rd point:

KL is 300 kilometres from Kuantan which equates to around a 3-4 hour drive. With a new train line connecting the two locations, those 3-4 hours will be slashed to two. A faster journey to the capital will expand the work horizons of a number of Kuantan folk. Young, single entrepreneurs will find it a pleasure to work or expand their business in KL, where a better market and more money is available, thus enhancing their selling power and productivity. Others will have the option of travelling to KL for work at the start of the week, and returning to Kuantan for the weekends.
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4th point:

Visitors to Malaysia, as in any country, need to enjoy easy access to destinations through advanced transportation. A train line would provide such tourists an additional travel option to discover Kuantan. Such enhanced infrastructure and development will trigger the arrival of many more foreigners. The people of both KL and Kuantan will have an alternative route across the country, making access easier, and the possibility of expanding businesses brighter. Simultaneously, the east coast of Malaysia won't seem so far away and will not be perceived as an isolated place which is tricky to reach.
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5th point:

Finally, in addition to benefiting people, a train line could also bring a better picture of health to the environment. With fewer cars on the road, the demand for fuel would decline slightly. As an effect of this, air pollution caused by emissions from exhaust pipes would also decrease, lessening the continued onslaught of the ozone layer with carbon dioxide. Indeed, reducing our dependency on fuel is important in looking after our planet. Taking these steps will help each individual minimise the burden of their carbon footprint.
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A train line joining Kuantan with KL will bring benefits to both cities as KL looks to consolidate its standing and Kuantan seeks expansion. With greater infrastructure and a public transport system, Malaysia will be doing its part in preserving the environment and enhancing the lives of those who use the train line.
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Total words: {564}

This is a sample essay for Form 4-6 which can be used for Form 1-3 by reducing the number of main points to 3 instead of 5.

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  1. I enjoyed writing about this. I'm not sure if it will ever happen but I'm sure glad you enjoyed the read!


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