Saturday, August 7, 2010


Here is Lauren at two and a half years. She's now excited to "go to school" as she keeps saying whilst gathering her toys and putting her bag on her shoulders. Last night we got her to sleep on her own little bed for the first time, and she stayed there the whole night! Next step is to get her to sleep in her own room...maybe another six months I'm hoping. She loves to join my tuition classes and should one of my students wander out into the living room, she hastily orders them to "go and do your work!" a la daddy. She can write the letter 'A' and speak just about anything. Enjoy the latest pictures.

She's a model!

Lauren playing with our old, faulty Olympus camera


  1. She is so cute... A seed and the future leader for The Church Of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints...

    Love, Carol

  2. My apologies for the late comment here!

    We are making a big effort to teach her the right way while she's young :)


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