Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Royal Pahang Golf Club - Driving Range

In Kuantan lies a driving range beside the Royal Pahang Golf Club near Teluk Chempedak. It's located Jalan Teluk Sisek. The golf course is set in beautiful grounds where a full round of golf will knock you back around RM100-150. However, since I don't have that money to fritter away on golf, coupled with the fact that I'm only half decent at hitting balls perched on nice high tees, I made the trip to the adjacent driving range instead, along with my brother. It cost us a total of RM20 including two baskets of 100 golf balls and two clubs  - a small driver and a putting wedge. The clubs were a tad too small for us but we had fun nevertheless. It's been many a year since I last hit a golf ball, so my body shape wasn't quite in the accomplished category, but we soon started hitting the ball around 200 yards. We both ended up with blisters on our hands, but I would like to go back again some time, preferably in the early morning when it's not so grippingly hot!

I don't actually remember what we were discussing here...probably Gaz's shot which veered into the trees on the left!

Gaz's technique wasn't too shabby at all!


Lauren keeps her distance as daddy slogs one. Gaz's attempts to distract me were in vain.

My wife, who captured the lovely images of us in action

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