Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our trusty old Daihatsu Charade car

Our Daihatsu Charade is not exactly photogenic. It is decades old. But it has four wheels (two of which at the rear, are fairly new) and moves. This car has been ours for four years since Fie passed her driving test. We paid RM5,500 for it and considering that price and the duration of time it has been in our use, we got a pretty good deal. The air-cond doesn't work so we just wind down the windows and experience natural fresh air as we cruise along the roads of Kuantan. It does get a little hot and sticky when stuck at a red light but we're not complaining. After all, we were extremely fortunate that we had a friend who helped us find this car in the first place. And we never live in the fear of it being stolen!

In due time, our trusty old car will be replaced with a newer, cooler model, but in these first years of our marriage when money was tight, it has served us well and got us to all the places we have needed to be. So here is a little tribute to our black Daihatsu Charade. A good and faithful servant indeed!

Somehow, this car keeps working!


  1. The miracle of Japanese engineering =)

    We used to own a 1983 Toyota Corolla GL, from June 2003 till Nov 2006... a really amazing workhorse ... we had the air-con repaired and was functioning, though =)


  2. We get the air-con coolant refilled, but as you know, that only lasts for a few weeks at best. Now we are enjoying the natural coolness of the rainy season!

  3. well, we did that in the first few months of ownership and it had to be refilled pretty soon after, which indicated there was a leak in the gas piping system; the solution offered by the air-con repairman was to re-do the whole works (pipes, filter, valves, maybe compressor but can't recal) ; it set us back around rm700 but was well worth cos the air-con never failed again through the rest of our ownership period

    It was at Asia Air Con Service, Jalan Gambut, in case you want to check it out, look for Kenny



  4. Thanks for the referral Lukman. We will probably look into buying a better car in the coming year.


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