Monday, August 9, 2010

Durian chopping

Durian is considered the "king of the fruits" here in Malaysia. It certainly is unique in its own way. If one happens to fall on your head as it drops from a tree, you could end up dead. The sharp spikes make it difficult to open without thick gloves. I later found out that with the right technique, as displayed by my neighbour, it can be extremely simple.

After penetrating the outer skin, the durian seeds greet one with a strong smell, which to locals is gorgeous but to me is vile. The seeds are sticky and have a taste like mouldy onions. I have tried time and again to swallow some of the durian, but I just can't bring myself to do it. My wife however, loves the stuff!

The wrong way to open a durian!

Lauren found it all rather boring

Putting on a brave face despite the smell


  1. Hahaha~~Durian is a very strange affair~~XD

    jacky chin

  2. Some durian tasted delicious, but don't swallow the seed, it's too big.

  3. I can't even bear eating the flesh, never mind contemplating snacking on a seed!


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