Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Night Market in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan

Everybody in Malaysia loves a night market. And everybody in Malaysia loves food. Every time a Malaysian greets another face-to-face or on the phone, or even on the internet, within the first few lines of conversation pops up the question "Sudah makan?" (Have you eaten?) Such is their love for food that night markets, lines of stalls occupying various roads around the country, come alive at dusk. Here in Kuantan, in Bukit Sekilau, a night market appears every Thursday evening, selling all sorts of food, fruits, vegetables, cakes, clothes and toys you could wish for. Most Thursday's we go there to buy our favourite items - nasi dagang for me, chicken rice for my wife, and sugar cane drink for us both. We took my brother there and he disliked how tight and cramped the space is to walk down the aisle between lines of stalls. However, he, like us, loved the sugar cane!

Dried up sticks of sugar cane after the juice has been extracted and prepared for selling

My wife waits for our order to be processed; not sure what her face was about though!

Gaz cracked a smile despite feeling like a sardine in the narrow pass!

We decided to buy some delicious-looking satay...

...and roti murtabak for RM3 a piece

My wife is always happy after a trip to the night market!

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  1. As Ramadan month is looming, more night bazaars will be open for local gastronomies. It reminds me of the old days as I enjoy it very much.

    Can't wait to go home.


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