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Manchester United

"McDonalds" - fast food restaurant responsible for comfort food and contributing to high levels of obesity

Manchester United

Manchester United are the winners of 18 league titles, 11 of them since the inception of the Premier League in 1992. They have been champions of Europe on three occasions, the first coming in 1968 with a 4-1 victory over Benfica in the final. This came just 10 years after a dozen of the Manchester United players and staff died in a tragic plane accident in Munich.

Sir Matt Busby, then manager, rebuilt the squad including many youngsters who went on to greatness just a decade later, who became known as the "Busby Babes."

Through parts of the seventies and eighties, Manchester United went through a trophy drought, dicing with relegation from the first division of English football, while Liverpool won four European cups and reached 18 league titles, becoming by far the most successful English club.

Alex Ferguson, who was hired from Aberdeen where he enjoyed much success, endured a slow start to his tenure at Old Trafford, but the momentum began to pick up in 1993 with a first league title in over 20 years.

During the mid-90's Alex Ferguson called up several youngsters into the first team including the Neville brothers, David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt. They went on to win multiple trophies with Manchester United, the highlight being the dramatic season of 1998/99 when Sir Alex Ferguson led his team to an amazing treble of League, F.A. Cup and European Cup. It was an incredible time and tasted much better than my beloved McDonalds strawberry milkshake!

Sir Alex Ferguson has been Manchester United manager for an unbelievable 26 years and is still going strong. Manchester United recently equaled Liverpool's long-standing record of 18 league titles and is poised to capture an historic 19th next month.

Here are some videos of Manchester United's best moments. We apologise for keeping our neighbours in Kuantan awake during some of these passionate moments at all hours of the day and night!

If you're a Manchester United fan, this was the season that will never be forgotten. Some of these images and lines of commentary are immortal!

And here is the passion and success associated with Manchester United

Which is your favourite football team?


  1. That's a difficult one for me! I am not a fan but among UK teams I oscilalted ever between Manchester United and Chelsea!

  2. Oh Traveling Hawk, you can't possibly claim allegiance to both teams! Man Utd and Chelsea are big rivals :)

  3. I'm the other kind of football fan. But even across The Pond, I know Machester United is one of the most successful teams in the world. I have a few Brit friends who are die hard fans too.

  4. I would have to support Leicester, of course. ;-)

  5. I have steadfastly managed to avoid all things football in my seven years in the UK! :)

  6. Stephen, I believe you're referring to gridiron?

    Rosalind, you're very loyal :)

    Talli, that is some feat because we're all crazy about it there!

  7. My favourite team used to be my own state, Sarawak. But since we got married, u got me into Manchester United and I learned a lot about them over the past 5 years and I love the team! My Sarawak team is just not good anymore since Malaysia Football Federation took foreign players out!

    Oh well, I am married to an Englishman now so I now can support an English team!

    Go Man Utd and win the league this season!

  8. Hi,
    just found you throught the AZ challenge. I'm a spurs fan but decided to follow you anyway.
    Moody Writing

  9. My favourite football team? Umm... the Green Bay Packers?

  10. Fie, it's a shame that Malaysian football is going downhill. I'm pretty sure Man Utd will win the league this May!

    mooderino, thanks for popping by

    feefioto, perhaps I should have clarified a little better by stating 'soccer' team?! :)

  11. hi duncan...juz came across ur blog...congrats...we juz won d premier league for 19 times!...whos on top of the perch rite a big fan of man utd.since gary pallister's time..giggs wud always be my idol..!glory glory man utd!

  12. Hi Farez, thanks for dropping by! It's been a great achievement and we'll be looking for number 20 next season!

  13. hi duncan, did u read d newspapers yesterday...tevez said that the main reason for him to stay at eastlands is to win the league for man city..he can keep on dreaming....p/s: can't wait for the lap of honour at old trafford this weekend..

  14. I didn't read that. Man City are on a high after winning their first trophy for so many years. But winning the league is not that easy!


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