Thursday, April 21, 2011


"reverie" - a daydream; a fanciful idea or theory

Rubbish Problem in Kuantan

This is a photographic essay illustrating the rubbish problem in Kuantan. Just a 20-minute stroll from my apartment produced abundant examples of both the laziness of people to properly dispose of rubbish, and the awful absence of adequate rubbish bins.

It is such a shame that this uncivilised attitude has been allowed to foster, seemingly over generations, due to the complete lack of awareness that dropping litter and polluting the ground is wrong.

I have a constant reverie that Malaysia will one day be as clean and cultured as nearby Singapore, because of a truth, they are worlds apart.

The trail of trash starts right here with a drinks bottle

A paper cup lay on the grass

A collection of tomatoes idle on the road outside Tunas Manja Transit Point superstore

The upside-down wheels and base of a chair lie under this billboard

A stray medicinal bottle

A matchbox thrown carelessly on the floor

A parking coupon discarded on the ground

A dirty nappy unbelievably left on the grass beside a main road

The next day I went on a bike ride to the post office. Here's some of the 'sights' from my journey.
A toothpick on the road

An extremely common sight in Kuantan - cigarette boxes

A lost dummy/pacifier

Somebody threw their empty cup on the floor 100 yards from the Pahang State Mosque

Two empty cartons of chocolate milk have been wedged into the gap of a drain cover

Even bigger items like cardboard boxes are not spared life on the streets

An odd slipper with accompanying plastic bag lying by the roadside

Some sort of strap. Nowhere to put it, just drop it...

Mangled cans of Tiger Beer pollute the lovely little park opposite my apartment

A face mask...

An abandoned sports shoe adorns this aisle

Perhaps most alarming of all - a sofa chair left beside the road which has become a rubbish bin!

Does your home town or country suffer from similar rubbish problems?


  1. what a load of rubbish but apart from that great. They seem to have sorted to clean towns up a little bit here, its not the tidiest of places yet they are slowly getting there, 1 wrapper at a time.

  2. Unfortunately the lack of respect for our planet is everywhere. Whenever hubby and I go walking we carry bags with us and collect the trash along the way. It's one small way for us to help.

  3. I never see this part of Kuantan actually... what a shame!

  4. Mr.Duncan,

    This is another 'part' of Malaysia.They say in year 2020 we'll be succesful,but now?Sigh...
    I think have to wait year 2100 first.I've been seen this since my childhood.I thinked,'the MPK(Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan) hired a lot street cleaners,but where they go?'And the rubbish is just near the mosque.

    Welcome to Malaysia.Tourism Malaysia.I wonder what will foreigners say?

  5. sam, where do you live? Because certainly in Kuantan, the rubbish problem is nowhere near improving.

    Bish, you set a great example! Sometimes I'm so angry with the rubbish strewn all over the floor outside my apartment that I grab a load of plastic bags and tidy it up myself! I have students coming for English classes and I don't want them to arrive at such a horrible scene.

    Food Glorious Food, it's a terrible shame but it's a side of Kuantan that one can't really miss!

    Chai, interesting points. I think foreigners will perhaps not notice the rubbish as they go to the beach, shopping malls etc, like me. But now I've been living here, I notice it all the time and I think it's dreadful.

  6. I live in a little village in Yorkshire near Hull, which isn't the best of places but its slowly improving itself bit by bit


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