Thursday, April 28, 2011


Since Day 1 of this challenge I've been racking my brain, as well as my dictionary, for 'X' words.

I thought of 'xylophone' and I was going to dig around for an old picture of Lauren playing the xylophone which her granddad bought for her.

The obvious 'x-ray' came to mind, but there's not much I can write about that which is of any relevance to me or Kuantan.

Then there were fleeting thoughts of cheating slightly by using a word of which 'x' is not the first letter, as in 'excited' or 'axis'. But I'm not into worming my way around things.

A fellow blogger suggested 'X marks the spot' and I just visited a blog who used this as their title, and I did think for a while along those lines.

But deep down I still yearned for a great 'x' word to make my A-Z challenge complete. (I have 'y' and 'z' sorted!) That's when I googled "words beginning with 'x'" and happened upon this website:

Hence my word for today: xenodocheionology. And it means 'love of hotels'. Which is very pertinent for my life in Kuantan.

We have stayed in a number of hotels during the last 5 years.

I love to pay a bit extra for some additional quality.

It's not so much that I love having servants run around for me, but I do love the rare circumstance it provides to sit back and relax.

I love the plushy ambience, the cosy music playing placidly in the background.

I do love complimentary buffet breakfasts.

I love the night gowns in the room closet.

I love the feeling of 'getting away' from the speed of normal life.

I have a severe case of xenodocheionology.

The Zenith Hotel in Kuantan

Swiss Garden Resort and Spa in Balok, near Kuantan

Swissotel Merchant Court, Singapore

What do you like about hotels?


  1. Wow, that's a long word. Those pictures make me want to ditch my house and go to a hotel.

  2. Some beautiful hotels in your post, strangely enough I googled X words and came up with "love of Hotels" I was fascinated by the word and only at the last minute decided not to use it


  3. Angelina, It makes me want to make my home like a hotel!

    RJR, I'm glad you decided not to use xenodocheionology - keeps my 'x' post unique as far as I know :) Great word isn't it?!

  4. I must have xenodocheionology too. I love the little bottles in the bath room and the way I don't have to make or clear away the breakfast. I love being able to graze on the breakfast buffet of a myriad of prepared fruit and then go back to my room to find that the bed is made, the floor vacuumed and there are fresh towels by the bath. Yes, I definitely have xenodocheionology!

  5. Thanks for that. Another word added to my vocabulary! I'm not much of a backpacker when I travel, so I guess I also have a case of xenodocheionology! I guess it's just the convenience really. But maybe one day when I finally decide to go off the beaten track, I would have to leave that word locked in my drawer :)

  6. Thanks for introducing me to that word, although I think I might have a bit of trouble remembering it!

    And thanks for visiting my blog. (I moved your comment to its rightful place.)

  7. I guess the best thing I like about hotels is that I don't have to clean up or wash dishes!

  8. gorgeous photos. I love hotels because they are away from home. Cool word.

  9. Just goes to show there really is a word for everything. I'm rather partial to hotels. Never understand people whinging about them. Certainly beats camping out. Looks like you have some doozies over there.


  10. AWESOME "X" word! And loving the hotels. I've stayed in some pretty incredible hotels in my life. I think I've got a case of xenodocheionology too. :)

    Reflections on Writing

  11. Yes Rosalind, it's nice how a piece of card left outside the door can magically tidy up the room!

    Zamm, thanks for your view!

    Miriam, thanks for moving my comment to the correct place :)

    Bish, that's a great luxury to enjoy once in a while!

    Lynda, it's nice to escape 'home' sometimes..

    Denise, I'm not sure what 'doozies' is?! And I must admit I have whinged on occasion when I didn't feel fully satisfied with a hotel's service, but that's not too often :)

    Melissa, I think this is my favourite post!


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