Monday, April 25, 2011


"ultracrepidate" - to criticise beyond sphere of one's knowledge.


Today's post is titled "Umbrella" and I'm not talking about Rihanna's song of the same title. I'm speaking of the standard object called an umbrella.

In Malaysia, an umbrella is an essential accessory to combat the weather. However, as my daughter Lauren will show you, it can be used for many more things as well!

Lauren uses an umbrella on rainy days

Lauren shields herself from the penetrating sun

Lauren uses the umbrella as a walking stick

Lauren uses the umbrella as an imaginary gun

Umbrellas can act as a barrier from the wind, in this case, artificial wind!

The next series of photos shows Lauren using the umbrella as a dancing companion!

Next, Lauren demonstrates how to attack someone with an umbrella, or, in this short clip, how to inadvertently hit the chair!

Sometimes I will practice my golf swing with the umbrella...

Finally, if you're up for a laugh, you could try this in Singapore, like my dad:

So, as you can see, an umbrella can be used for many different things.

Can you think of anything else an umbrella could be used for?


  1. An umbrella helped Mary Poppins attain flight, despite the FAA's every last attempt to stop her. And umbrellas can make for a handy weapon between bickering characters in a manuscript.

  2. Well, I am certainly delighted to meet YOU and your family! I think you are very funny, fun and an excellent photographer. My goal for this year was to become better at that but instead I simply try, and then admire other people's photos, like yours. Are you on flickr? You would freak them out you are so good!
    Thanks for the choice word of the day too. I thought I knew them all!
    Best wishes, jean

  3. OMG! Your daughter is soooooooo cute! She must be like a princess to you! :) For girls .... Umbrella can also be used as a self defense against rapist / molester.

  4. What great shots. Your daughter is so adorable!

  5. I reckon you could replace the golf club with that umbrella ;)

  6. I think you've covered all possible uses for the umbrella :-). Your daughter is very sweet. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Duncan, your daughter is adorable! Love the golf practice! I got a chuckle out of these photos. So wonderful. Let's see, another use... I'd use a permanent marker to write story ideas. :)

  8. The photos of your daughter are priceless, and your "U" post a lot of fun. Thanks for visiting my blog during the A to Z I'm off to see more of your blog.

  9. Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog. You certainly came up with a lot of uses for an umbrella! I really like your use of photos.

  10. Ha ha Duncan, I'll never look at an umbrella in quite the same way! In Oz we don't worry about them much. Don't like to carry them around unless absolutely sure we'll need them. A book or a bag over the head has to do if we're caught short.


  11. Our daughter is a lovely model for ur umbrella babe! So cute! Good idea that was!

  12. Jeff, I hadn't thought of that!

    Jean, I'm not on flickr but I plan on making a photo book with blurb. Lots of practice and you'll be having great pictures :)

    Food Glorious Food, it would be particularly handy to poke them where it hurts!

    Rizalenio, Sandy, Sharon, Mary, thanks, she is a little cutie!

    Lynda, they wouldn't let me on the driving range with that umbrella as my hitting stick - it's a royal range, belongs to the Sultan of Pahang!!

    Melissa, you'd have to use both hands to write!

    Patricia, you have a very nice blog, thanks for visiting mine :) It was your blog where I learned how to make my own 'signature' - a very welcome post indeed!

    Denise, a lot of the older people here in Malaysia just use a couple of pages of old newspaper over their heads!

    Fidelia, I'm sure she could model quite a few things very nicely :)

    Thank you all for your comments and support.

  13. Your daughter is adorable and your father looks like a good laugh as well. What a great family!

  14. Rosalind, I always have a good laugh with my dad, especially prank calling him!


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