Tuesday, April 12, 2011


"jalopy" - a battered, old car

"jocund" - merry, cheerful


While my wife was taking her driving lessons, we went with our friend, 'Pakcik Zul' to Jerantut. Pakcik Zul was the taxi driver who was escorting Fidelia to university and back each day when we had first moved to Kuantan.

In the long run, we knew we'd save a mound of money with Fidelia driving than taking a taxi. So off to Jerantut we went - in Pakcik Zul's taxi.

Jerantut is a small town in the middle of Peninsular Malaysia, about 100km from Kuantan and a 90-minute drive.

When we reached a modest car shop constructed of wooden planks and situated by the roadside, we were presented with two quaint cars - an old blue Proton and a black Daihatsu Charade. We examined each car for lengthy spells, but us two young recently-weds didn't really know what exactly we were looking for!

We felt inclined towards the 5th-hand Daihatsu and paid RM5,500 in cash on the spot, slightly expensive but a whole lot cheaper than going for a brand new car.

Pakcik Zul drove the car to Kuantan for us the next day, and in jocund delight we had our first car sitting downstairs outside our window.

We still own our Daihatsu Charade today and it continues to get us from 'A' to 'B'. There are, of course, minor problems along the way (we've had all four tyres changed, a temporarily leaking engine, numerous air-con refills, a smashed rear light and a rear-view mirror held to the ceiling by sellotape!) but the jalopy is still very much alive and kicking.

We're glad to have known Pakcik Zul, and his help in taking us to Jerantut to buy our first car is largely appreciated.

What car do you own? What car would you like to own?


  1. I drive an Opel Agila, Duncan and I am very pleased. I do not want another one :)

  2. What about you, Duncan, do you drive? My first car was an '88 Opel... I loved it even though it was falling apart. I always love to read your post about your lofe there, it all sounds so exotic. btw, I enjoyed exploring your website, all those pictures there are so wonderful :) Thank you for sharing it all! :)

  3. I drive a Subaru, but as far as any dream car goes, I don't really have one. I just like being able to get from point A to point B through whatever means are there for me.

  4. Barbara, I ride a bicycle, I don't drive and have no need to drive! However, one day I would like to have a Perodua Myvi :)

    Travelling Hawk, Jeffrey, I'm pretty much in the same boat as you :)


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