Thursday, April 7, 2011

Facebook; Federer

"floccinaucinihilipilification" - the act of esteeming something as worthless
(According to Oxford, this is the second-longest word in the English language)


Facebook, the popular social networking site, has been a big part of my life since moving to Kuantan. It seems to have put Friendster, which my then-fiancee used, well in the shade.

Facebook has been a quick and easy way to keep in touch with my family in faraway lands and friends who had been lost over the years. Facebook has helped me find friends from my childhood, and we have thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing about the times we spent together as children.

However, there are still some of my friends who I just can't contact as they aren't signed up to Facebook. Either they resort to floccinaucinihilipilification concerning the site, or they must be just too busy!

You can find my Facebook page for my blog, named Duncaninkuantan . Be sure to click "like" so that you can stay in touch with further former and future information about the evolution of my blog.

Federer, Roger

'F' is also for Federer, the greatest tennis player of all time, having surpassed legends Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg, Roy Emerson and Pete Sampras in the list of all-time Grand Slam trophies. Federer currently sits on a remarkable 16 Slams at the top of the pile - a living legend of tennis.

He recently became the father of twin girls and is setting his sights on a 17th Grand Slam, with tournaments in France and at Wimbledon coming from May-July.

Go to my Facebook page Duncaninkuantan for a fact about Roger Federer and my blog.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy this compilation of some of Roger Federer's beautiful tennis moments:

How has Facebook improved your life? Or has it had a negative effect?


  1. Living abroad, Facebook is an AWESOME way for me to stay connected with my family and friends back home. I have had one or two bad experiences, but the positive ones (see above and, really, too many to list) outweigh the negative...

  2. Facebook is awesome for keeping in touch with family and friends especially when travelling. Instant pics, instant news. I have a special one for my writing too so I can keep it separate from my family account.

    Love the Fed. Didn't know he just became a father of twins. Thanks for that. Have seen some awesome matches with him. He comes to play in Australia a lot.


    L'Aussie Travel A - Z Challenge Posts F is for Finland

  3. I dont use social networks at all.

  4. I had to look up Kuantan. Thanks for introducing me to a new part of the world. I rarely go on FB anymore since I started blogging. A couple of choice F words.
    Wanna buy a duck

  5. Whenever I pop over to another country on holiday, facebook is a good way to keep in contact with friends and even when I'm at home really. I am more of a twitter fan myself, but I like to use Facebook as well.

  6. Hello there. Nice to "meet" you thru the a-z challenge. Where is Kuantan?
    It' beautiful.

  7. Actually have met you through Facebook before the blog, for a change! Facebook has reunited me with classmates and family members I never thought I'd hear from again, while blogging has introduced me to a whole slew of writers.

  8. Kuantan is situated on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It's a small, developing town.

    Jeff, I think you're the first person I met on facebook before blogger! And it feels better, so Facebook must be doing something right!

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts about Facebook and the great Roger Federer :)

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  10. Thanks Ranganath. Glad you find it interesting!

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