Wednesday, April 27, 2011


An annual event in our home in Kuantan occurs every June/July.


The mother of all tennis competitions where the sun is all too welcome, the rain too frequent, and the lawns growing browner by the day as they are graced by marvellous tennis athletes.

Since 2003, Roger Federer has dominated on the grass, winning 5 years in a row including his very first Slam in '03, before finally losing to Rafael Nadal in the 2008 final in an epic 5-set, 5-hour battle.

Federer came back in 2009 and won an historic final against Andy Roddick as he became the first ever men's singles player to win 15 Grand Slam titles. (If you love tennis enough to read a match report, then by all means follow this link to read of that amazing match from 2009).

Last year he sadly fell at the quarter finals stage, a back injury limiting his mobility in a 4-set defeat to finalist Tom Berdych.

I'll be shouting from Kuantan for Roger to prevail for a 7th time on the beautiful lawns of Wimbledon this year. (Though not too loud, because a newborn baby will hopefully be sleeping well through the night!)

Has anyone ever had the privilege of watching Roger Federer play live?


  1. Nope, in fact (and maybe shame on me) I've never seen any pro play live. I did see John McEnroe sing karaoke in Malibu, though.

  2. That must have been highly entertaining, Samantha!

  3. I haven't, but my dad is a total tennis fanatic. He watches Wimbledon every year. I can't imagine being there to see it.

  4. Ah yes, Wimbledon! It's coming up soon!

    No, I've never seen him live. Sadly.

  5. Nooooo--we are old as your wonderful dad, here, but my sister went out with "Steamroller Stan" Smith the night before he lost the finals to Nastaje (sp?) at Center Court and we watched him lose, from there, too. I am trying to keep this short!!! I sincerely hope my sister, a true lady, had nothing to do with his loss.

    best wishes, jean!

  6. No, not Roger. We saw Andy when he was just an up-and-comer, and he was terrific.

  7. saw him practice live at the indian wells tournament. super cool!

  8. Angela, I too can't imagine what it must be like to sample the atmosphere there!

    Talli, I've never seen the great man live and I worry that time is fast running out!

    Jean, I believe the correct spelling is Nastase, (Ilie).

    Lisa, I presume you're speaking of Andy Roddick. He was really good when he was young, but then along came Roger...hehe!

    nutschell, you lucky thing!

  9. Duncan! I am not too much into Tennis, but was when John McEnroe, Conners, Borg ... in the 80's... and very much into playing tennis in College in the US as well..
    And regarding the "right focus and not left", the aperture is already at F18 but indeed my focus point is on the corner of the tower where the sun comes in and at 10mm. It was somewhat intentional. Then again, with the distorations at 10mm; one can only guess until the results appear on the screen!!! Thanks !

  10. WCW, thanks for getting back to me about the photo! Keep the great pics coming :)


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