Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunrises and Sunsets of Kuantan Photographic Exhibition

Two words I love, just for the way they fall off the tongue:

"scrotum" - the pouch of skin that encloses the testicles in most male mammals.

"soliloquy" - the act of speaking one's thoughts aloud when alone or regardless of hearers, especially by a character in a play.

Now, onto the stunning post for today...

Sunrises and Sunsets

All of these glorious pictures of the sun in action were taken in Kuantan, the vast majority of them from my balcony, back window or downstairs. I'm fortunate enough to have a great view of both the sunrise and the sunset. These are a compilation of my favourite images I've collected down the years.


1. Taken a minutes' walk from my apartment

2. This image was taken from just up the hill five minutes walk away

3. I snapped this lovely sunrise picture from the 9th floor of the Zenith Hotel

4. Again, from the 9th floor of the Zenith Hotel

5. A glowing orange sunrise outside my apartment

6. Taken just yards away on a different day. Love the shaft of light bursting through the clouds.

7. From the top of the hill - same position as the 2nd picture


8. We start the sunsets exhibition with a beautiful pink/purple sky, taken from my balcony

9. From my balcony, the apartment block appears to have caught fire on this particular evening

10. From the 3rd floor car park of East Coast Mall, a 5-minute walk away

11. Burning oranges and pinks combine just outside my apartment

12. A bronze/copper sky looms over my balcony

13. Taken on the grass fronting my apartment. I love the trees in silhouette.

14. Grey clouds attempt to block the sunset in Bukit Sekilau

15. Taken from a vantage point a couple of minutes from my apartment. I love the solitary dark cloud behind the palm trees.

16. Another pretty view from my balcony

17. Golden sunset as observed outside my apartment

18. A blanket of pink, orange and yellow cloud covers the sky, as seen from my back window.

19. The sunset-infected cloud invades the blue evening sky, as witnessed from my bedroom window.

20. This was an evening like no other in Kuantan...

21. ...the sky became dramatically filled with this warm, fiery light, and a deep, golden glow filled the streets. This is the only time such a sunset has happened during my 5 years living in Kuantan!

22. Stripy clouds lead toward the setting sun. Taken from my balcony.

23. The ball of fire makes its way towards the darkening horizon as I snapped it from my balcony.

Which are your favourite pictures?


  1. We have matching 'S' posts today (although I have much fewer photos over @ On...) Your pictures are beautiful! The sun rising and setting is such an amazing sight to see and you have captured it beautifully.


  2. Great pictures! How can you make me choose?

  3. I think number 11 is my favorite. We have skies like these in the Caribbean. Never the same, always changing. Nature's kaleidescope.

  4. #6 and #18. I don't get to see many sunrises. At least, not by choice!

  5. What wonderful images. They are all beautiful and if I had to pick a favorite it would be the shot with the shaft of light peeking between the clouds. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. Beautiful shots, Duncan! And I have enough trouble choosing which of my own photographs are my favorites. There's no way I'll be able to choose among yours.

  7. #20 and #5 are my favourites. They are all gorgeous photos though :)

  8. The sunset pictures are so amazing. So are the sunrises, but mostly because it amazes me that anyone is awake early enough to catch one. (I'm kidding; they're breathtaking.) And, I agree--soliloquy is a gorgeous word. As for scrotum, well... it's taking everything for me not to make some kind of dirty "fall of the tongue" joke.

  9. Thank you to all those who have commented here. I enjoyed selecting these photos. I think I have enough photos of the sun to make a whole new blog!

  10. Missed Periods, thanks for dropping by. I don't wake up at 5:30am so often, probably just a few times a year. Glad you like my vocab!

  11. Number 11 is fantastic but I think that number 6 has the edge for me. It's almost other-world-like! (Not sure if that's a word.)

  12. Yes Rosalind, number 6 is my favourite too. I remember that morning very well, a quite magnificent pouring in of light!

  13. I like #18 -- we used to call that sky blue pink when I was a kid. Beautiful photos, Duncan.

  14. Thanks Patricia. I'll be back to your blog again soon :)


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