Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zenith Hotel

"zephyr" - a soft gentle wind (literary)

Zenith Hotel

While I'm on the subject of hotels ( see here ) I've decided to finish this A-Z challenge with the recently erected, 5-star Zenith Hotel in Kuantan.

History of Zenith Hotel and me

The Zenith Hotel began construction in early 2009. I followed its progress by taking pictures at the various stages of construction. Throughout the year 2010 I witnessed an empty piece of land turn into a prime spot seating a 23-floor, 5-star hotel.

In late 2010 I met Jon Liang. He was taking photos of the hotel, as I was on that evening. We became acquainted and I discovered that he was working on the project, helping with the interior design. So I invited him to see my blog, where I had been posting regular updates of the rise of the Zenith Hotel.

A short while later and I received a facebook message from Jon Liang informing me that the Zenith Hotel General Manager (GM) had come across my blog while searching the internet, and was interested to meet me!

In December 2010 we were invited for a free tour of the Zenith Hotel with then GM Jerina Foong. We were shown around the hotel, up to a room on the 5th floor and also taken around the still-in-progress adjoining Convention Centre.

We attended for a New Years Eve buffet dinner and also received an invite to attend the soft launch opening in January 2011. Jerina Foong extended to us a free one nights stay at the Zenith Hotel. We had a great time there and I blogged all about it right here.

I've not been back to the Zenith Hotel since we stayed there in January. It is currently open and is due for final completion in June 2011.

Then I'd love to stay for a night once more, preferably on a higher floor!

It just goes to show that writing a blog can bring you many rewards! I never imagined I would have received all of this hospitable treatment from the Zenith Hotel, all because I was following its progress on my blog!

Have you gained anything special from writing your blog?


  1. Note to self. Go find a hotel under construction to blog about !!! That's a cool note to end the challenge on !


  2. I haven't made it Malaysia yet, but definitely will. Maybe I'll stay at the Zenith.

  3. I too am going to have to go look for a hotel being built. Nice meeting you Duncan! Congrats on finishing the challenge.

  4. Duncan, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  5. What a great reward for a blog post! I was once sent a box of goodies from a sweet shop I featured at Girl About Town :)

    Thanks for following my A-Z journey and for all your lovely comments throughout.

  6. Hi Duncan. I love the word 'zephyr' and the Zenith hotel sounds like it brought back memories. I've enjoyed writing my travel posts, especially my second-last, Ypres in Belgium, as that was one of the most truly memorable days I've had in my travels.


  7. Wanton Redhead Writing, you should definitely sample a stay at the Zenith Hotel!

    Bish, it's been good to meet you too!

    Elizabeth, thank you for the award :)

    Holly, great things can come about through blogging. I've enjoyed your A-Z journey too!

    Denise, how we could do with a zephyr or two here in Malaysia! It's unbearably hot these days!!

  8. I have been to Kuala Lumpur--which was fantastic--way more modern and vibrant of a city than I'd guessed. Congrats on finishing the A-Z challenge. I, for one, am glad I did it....but I'm also glad it's over.


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