Monday, April 4, 2011

CSI: Miami; Caffox

"Callow" - immature and inexperienced
"Cloy" - sicken by glutting with sweetness or pleasure

CSI: Miami

What would a week be without a dosage of CSI? (Crime Scene Investigation) For me it would be like a webpage that doesn't load up completely. 

Here in Malaysia we are currently treated to three CSI's per week including Miami, New York and Las Vegas. My personal favourite is CSI: Miami starring David Caruso, who plays the ever-cool Horatio Caine.

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CSI is one of the few things in life I don't mind cloying myself with!

Why is CSI so attractive and riveting? In Malaysia, forensics is a small, relatively new and under-explored area of technology. It's hard to even analyse a fingerprint (as we found out, or didn't find out, after a forensics officer extracted a fingerprint from our house after we were robbed), let alone even possess the kind of sophisticated equipment or apt manpower which is demonstrated in CSI.

We all love to be amazed. We want to see something new, fresh, vibrant, cultivated. We get bored with the tedious, callow, monotone things. The CSI series shows us the intelligence of modern technology and science, the stuff that makes me stare open-mouthed at the TV screen.

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Check out this clip of Horatio in action in CSI: Miami featuring one of his famous "one-liners"


I can't go through this A-Z without sharing with you the best 'C' word I have ever come across. And that would be 'caffox.'

Caffox is my liberator. The sight and sound of this word brings such a relief, and that's before I've even taken the tablet. It frees me from the bondage of headaches within the hour, with absolutely no side-effects at all. If you haven't read about my battle with headaches , you really should now!

Caffox is the most effective medication I've ever used for exterminating headaches. I'm beginning to wonder whether the fact that I've developed so much faith in it constitutes half the cure! I just know it's going to work - and it's never failed me in my time of need.

Thank you to the clever people who came up with the glorious caffox pill!!!

What can't you go without? What or who is your rescuer?
And which CSI program is your favourite? Who's your favourite character?


  1. to be honest i hate the csi shows since they are totally unrealistic
    i like breaking bad :)

  2. I like CSI too - if only cases could be solved as swiftly in real life!

  3. The CSI shows are fascinating, and I love the music they use, too. Great to meet you and thanks for following my blog! I've got a headache right now (since last night) and I'm off to click the link for Caffox. Thanks!

  4. Do you know, even saying the word 'cloy' makes me feel slightly sick. It's a strange word, isn't it.

    I've never watched CSI so I can't comment on that but you piece about Caffox was interesting. My son blogs about his migraines and will be interested to read your comments on Caffox. I'll pass them on to him. He blogs at

  5. I've never really paid much attention to CSI, but I do love BONES! :o)

  6. I one of those that likes CSI, but I get slated by others who hate it, and I sort of feel "alone" watching it. So, it's nice to find a CSI-mate out there somewhere...
    I like the words you chose, and you've put them to good use too! Thanks, great post!

  7. Much of the fabulous technology in CSI is either invented by the shows writers or too expensive for most police departments. Similar to the technology in the Star Trek series, after awhile, it became standard, like the sliding doors. We still don't have hand held medical scanners.

    I can't live without hugs and kisses from my grandchildren.

  8. The nurse in me had to google Caffox as I had not heard of it. (Just like a CSI investigator)
    Is it relatively new to the market? Glad it works well for your headaches. I've only had 2 migraines in my life and wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. Found you from the A-Z Challenge, looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, with maybe with a little bit of stress thrown in!! I’m now following you on GFC.


  9. I love watching CSI. I think the original one (Las Vegas) will always remain my favorite.

  10. I must admit that some of the story lines seem a little "convenient" at times in CSI, but I still love it!

    Rosalind, I came across his blog before and commented, but I never knew it was your son!

    Monica, I don't know how new, or not, caffox is. I went to the pharmacy to seek a different headache medicine and they presented me with caffox. Never looked back since!

    Nicole, hope you got your headache sorted!

    Bz, CSI is one of our must-watches each week, along with the Premier League football and Desperate Housewives.

    jabblog, exactly!!!

    Jessica Bell, N.R. Williams, thanks for your input on what you can't go without. That's nice about the kisses from your grandchildren :)

    Cherie, thanks for dropping by. I do love Ray on CSI: Las Vegas..


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