Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"quietus" {kwy-EE-tus} - release from life; final riddance, death


Malaysia is a Muslim country and the Holy Qur'an is a big part of Islamic life.

The Holy Qur'an is the Muslims main book of scripture, best read in Arabic, but I study it in the English translation.

I'm waiting to buy a beautifully designed Qur'an from the bookstore which has the original Arabic on one side of the page with the English translation opposite. It also contains commentary by leading Muslim scholars which I'm eager to read.

Some may find it weird that I'd be reading the Qur'an but I think there are many truths to be found in all of the religious scriptures, which add to my understanding of people, their opinions, and the world today.

Misconception, bred from ignorance, is a stubborn barrier to building meaningful relationships with others and oneself.

Which scriptures have you read? Which do you currently read? Do you find holy scriptures useful in your life?


  1. I tried to read the bible when I was a teenager, I never got through it. Something always distracted me. However, many years later and after spending time in Japan, I find myself inexplicably in tune to Buddhism. That's great that you are reading the Qu'ran, I think its always good to read up and understand others beliefs, otherwise how do we live harmony?

  2. where do you get a Quran in English ?
    i've been looking around for one too.
    came across some at a book fair in Doha, but the font size was unbearably tiny!

    i've read the bible of course, most parts a few times. i must agree with you - reading holy scriptures does add to my understanding of the world and its people.
    opens up the mind.

  3. I'm a product of Christian school, and every week we had a memory verse. But, I must admit, very few remain in my memory today.

    When I taught 7th grade social studies, our second unit was on Islam. We studied the Arabian Peninsula, the Prophet Muhammad, and the Pillars of Faith. It was a cool unit and I enjoyed teaching it. The kids enjoyed it a lot as well. A lot of local districts cut that unit, but I was happy to have a curriculum coordinator who demanded it was taught. Diversity education is important; I would never teach or enforce any faith in a classroom, but I think it is necessary for kids to learn the basic principles of each.

  4. Great comments, thanks to each one of you!

    Jaya J, there is a very nice Qur'an at MBS bookstore in East Coast Mall, Kuantan. And the writing is not tiny either!

  5. I've read the old and new testament, Book of Mormon, and some of the Qur'an. Given that the story of the flood appears in a vast array of religious beliefs one has to accept a convergence of all truths at some point in the past, with a central origin to many beliefs. Therefore I would agree with you that with thoughtful study you can find truth in any scripture of any religion.


  6. RJR, we're in agreement. There are many pearls of truth to be found out there!


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