Saturday, May 21, 2011

Genting Highlands - Part 1 - Cable Car Ride

Now, I've always had it in my head that cable cars are dangerous and extremely risky and I've kind of had somewhat of a fear of them. As we were ascending the hill upon which Genting stands, we stopped off at the skyway to take the cable car ride up to the summit.

Admittedly I was a little scared of the looming ride but I kept my fears to myself. Here we were queueing for the ride:

The turquoise hue at the skyway station just added to the eerie atmosphere. My mouth began to dry.

Lauren met a new friend from China, who shared a car with us as we ascended the hill:

The dramatic view...

Swirls of mist and fog covered our cable car as we neared the top. I began to feel hot so I moved across to the open window at the top of the cabin. We were hovering through the air into the abyss.

The skyway station at the top. I was relieved when the ride was over, but it wasn't that bad at all really. Quite a smooth ride. I'm glad I experienced the classic way to reach the city of Genting!


  1. You would not get me on one of those things in a zillion years! Well done for conquering your fear Duncan!

  2. It was nice, after all! Congratulations, Duncan!

  3. You're lucky,
    sometimes,the cable car stops in the middle of the trip.

  4. Hi Duncan. I'm with you on the cable cars! But at least the one you went on was all closed in, although I know that's bad enough. I've been on a couple that were open apart from a bar, and my heart was in my mouth I can tell you. Most of the time, I just had my eyes closed, which was a bit of a waste. Hey Ho! You had to be brave anyway, with your beautiful little girl with you!

  5. I feel for you. Cuz I have a terror of heights!

    But those children are so cute. :)

  6. Chai, I'd be really scared if it just stopped and left us hanging 5,000 feet in the air!

    Mum, it was actually quite smooth and easy.

    Traveling Hawk, it was not as bad as I felt it would be!

    Thisisme, you're right, it's much easier with a child, because you have to reassure them that everything's fine and help them feel comfortable and excited!

  7. Hi tomo, so I guess you don't fly much?


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