Monday, May 23, 2011

Genting Highlands - Part 3 - Views from First World Hotel

From the First World Hotel in Genting Highlands, we shared the view of God from the 8th floor, which was amazing. We looked down on the tree-covered hills and clouds below, often being engulfed in giant clouds of fog and mist, with visibility at a little over zero. The temperature at night dropped as low as 15-17C while it was just 20C during the day. Way too cold to be doing anything outside.

And here are the clearer views:

Just outside the lobby of the First World Hotel stands a beautifully crafted model of Genting Highlands, and since I didn't have the time or the energy to get around the whole city, this model provides some great views:


  1. Beautiful misty view from that window, good frames.

  2. Very misty and it provides a beautiful mountain silhouette. Love looking at the miniature of the entire place too. Awesome.

  3. uve inspired me to write about my experience staying at genting

  4. My goodness, you were certainly up high there! I like that comment about having the view of God! The model of the city is awesome! Hope you;re having a good day over there.

  5. Thanks Leovi

    Rizalenio, that model was very detailed

    Aisha, I'd love to hear about your stay at Genting!

    Thisisme, I'm having a good day, a little stuffy but enjoying myself!

  6. Fantastic! I'd never even heard of this place before. :) Amazing pictures and information.

  7. Did you see any gorillas in the mist? Ha!
    Or perhaps, orangutans?!

  8. Great pictures as always, Duncan. Photography is a true talent of yours!

  9. I like the surroundings in your photos.
    Very useful model, to get an idea.

  10. It's so beautiful. So "mistical." Okay, I know, bad joke.

  11. Thanks Margo, it's nice having you here!

    London Caller, no, but it would have been nice if I did!

    Thanks Paul, it is a passion of mine!

    Traveling Hawk, it is useful as it's so hard to physically get around the entire resort

    MP, I haven't the "foggiest" what you're on about! :)


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