Monday, May 30, 2011

Abstract Piece 2: Wavy Warmth

So before I delve into my abstract photos for today, I'll reveal the answer to yesterdays piece. Are you ready?

Yes, it was my wife's university record of achievement presented to her on her graduation day . I remember that day vividly in part because it was stinking hot and Lauren and I, along with Florianna, spent a number of hours waiting in scorching temperatures! It was also memorable because taking into account everything my wife had came through, her graduation was a phenomenal achievement on her part .

So, today. I have a few abstract images for your perusal. This was a great discovery:

What are these images showing?


  1. Ah huhhhh..., I know this! Its the Ironing Board!

  2. Beautiful color and texture in these interesting photos with a very nice and original frames. Greetings.

  3. Hi Duncan. You're one tricky dude. I never would have guessed your previous abstract pic and I though today was looking through a grilled window in a beautiful temple but then the next ones blew my first impression. Be looking forward to knowing...


  4. Thanks for the comments...FGF is right. It is indeed the back of our ironing board with the sunlight from the window shining through the front!


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