Thursday, May 26, 2011

Abstract Photo Session

So last night I had 3 students around for English Tuition class. After they finished their grammar test I gave them a short while to rest. And they started creating something very intriguing, so much that they pulled me, their teacher, into it as well. One of them was playing with my ten dollar 'diamond' and he borrowed a pen with a torch light affixed to it from another student. And so he was making light reflections from the diamond onto the wall. I was transfixed so I switched off the lights temporarily and grabbed my camera. Here are the wonderful results!

Here's the ten dollar diamond from Little India, Singapore:

And here is the artistry of the four of us:

This has to be my favourite image. I think it looks magical!

The Singapore Merlion is seen here on the wall:

This image reminds me of a mangosteen!

Hope you enjoyed the gallery! I know it's something very different which I haven't done on my blog before, but then again, it's good to discover and embrace new things in life. 

If you'd really like to see some expert abstract photography, head over to Leovi's fascinating blog where you'll try to guess how he created each picture!


  1. These are wonderful! I am going to show them to my son later today. I think he might have a prism that he could use to try this. It's also great to step outside of the norm to experiment with new things. Your photographs are great. I enjoyed the light show.

  2. Wonderful result, Duncan! It never occured to me to do such kind of experiments.

  3. Wow, magical light show by Ms Sapphire and Mr Merlion. :)
    The mangosteen shot looks like a kaleidoscope!
    Should get one for Lauren.
    She'll love it!

  4. Lets try to use more powerful torchlight next time.

  5. A beautiful series of projections or reflections on the wall. Really interesting. Just my first contacts with the light, before having camera was based on projections by flashlight. So I explain in the interview I did on the blog Discovering the World of Art If you are interested


  6. Nice photos. You and your students are very creative and imaginative.

    This is totally off topic but I've been wanting to ask you about your wife, Fidelia, since the first time I saw her photo. I think I've met her before but have no idea where or when. It's like deja vu. lol

    Could you please ask her if she's seen me before and do these ring any bell to her: KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Coordinating Council), MJCC (Melaka-Johor Coordinating Council), CSS, GIFT UTM Skudai, or Intercampus Gathering. I have a strong feeling that I've met her before, somewhere. It could be wrong but yeah, just maybe :)

  7. You're right, those photos are so different, and I agree with you about your favourite one. That really is magical! How good that you thought to get your camera and take these shots. I am thisisme from Southhams Darling! Only way I could reply to your post, I'm afraid. I just don't know what's going on!

  8. Hey, I thought you were supposed to be teaching these students English... Fun photos though. It looks like you had a great time.

  9. Thank you very much for the mention and link. Greetings.

  10. Interesting.. Never thought of trying this.. I have a similar one... shall experiment it then :)

  11. kneesandpaws, I hope your son enjoyed the pictures. I think I'll have to buy a few more objects like a prism or something!

    Traveling Hawk, perhaps you can try it out yourself..

    London Caller, yes Lauren would love that! Who doesn't?!

    Ok Chai, you bring some more things to class next week!

    Leovi, you're welcome. I enjoyed reading the interview at the link you sent me!

    Angel, my wife doesn't recognise any of those places you mentioned. Perhaps you may have met her in Labuan? Other than that, it may be a case of mistaken identity!

    Thisisme, there are a few others who are experiencing problems too.

    Rosalind, my students were interacting in English during this photo session, so that's good enough for me! One of the problems is the lack of English language speaking in the home, so any opportunity to get them conversing in English is a step forward. Though it was great fun too!

    FGF, let me know how it goes!

  12. Oh. Then it must be a case of mistaken identity or 'pelanduk dua serupa' as they say in Malay :)

  13. Apparently there are 6 other people in the world who look just like ourselves. Perhaps you came across one in my wife who looks like someone else you know?!

  14. Fantastic shots! I imagine you had a great time experimenting this.
    It's definitely different but it's nice as well to step out normal stuff and experience new ways.

  15. Yes Marie, it was very exciting. Love to try out new things!


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