Friday, May 27, 2011

Abstract Photo Session 2

You know how a child feels with a new toy. Well, that's me with this whole abstract photography thing. Yesterday I posted some abstract photos using my Singapore diamond and a torch light to make amazing light shows. 

Last night I made the diamond the centre of attention once more, but this time turned up the intensity of colour. Here goes:

The diamond leaves a trail of fire...

Reminds me of lava from a volcano...

Which collection do you like best? These colourful ones, or yesterday's dark blue/purple tones?


  1. Fantastic series! I find more creative than the previous one with beautiful colors and excellent framing. Greetings.

  2. Those photos are very cleverly done my friend. I think I prefer this set, especially the first two. The colours are stunning. I can see that you're having fun with this! Hope your weekend goes well.

  3. Both are something and unique in their own ways but I think I like the yesterday's one. It's somehow seems mysterious (if that's the word) to me. And a little bit spooky too :)

  4. Lovely pics! Feels like festive session!

  5. It's too hard to choose! I love the brilliant colors in each, and the way the light reflects.

  6. I honestly wouldn't have known that was a fake diamond if it wasn't for you saying so and the last photo. What a fun photo-shoot. And who says there aren't more than one use for Christmas lights?

  7. Thanks Leovi, I appreciate your feedback!

    Thisisme, I'm having real fun with it!

    Angel, yes, mysterious is the right word to use. I like those pictures too!

    FGF, the lights in the pictures we used at Christmas time but thought they were so nice we just kept them out!

    Thanks for coming along, TGE

    Yes Sara, things can indeed be used in myriad ways! Let's see what else I can do with it :)

  8. Very colorful project. I like this one a lot. :)

  9. Hard to say! I decide for the first one because it has attached the surprise of the experiment.

  10. Awesome! Great pictures!!!
    I want it. :D

  11. Rizalenio, Traveling Hawk and Tomo, thanks for your comments. It was exciting doing these photographs :)


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