Sunday, May 22, 2011

Genting Highlands - Part 2 - First World Hotel

We stayed at the First World Hotel, Genting Highlands, the biggest hotel in the world in terms of number of rooms - over 6,000 of them!

The First World Hotel lobby resembles an airport terminal from the inside . . .

 . . . and looks like an old English railway station from the outside . . .

We had to queue to check in. Our number was 0509, the current number was at 0452, so we had 57 places to wait.

The lobby did smell in places, like the smell of used toilets. During the day time the temperature was significantly lower than the usual Malaysian standard:

At night it went as low as 15-17C!

Our deluxe room was in Tower 1 on the 8th floor. We had the foreordained luxury of staying here for 2 nights free of charge courtesy of my mother-in-law. I know it'd sound kind of ungrateful if I just complained about the hotel or the room, but we are very thankful that we took up the offer to stay at the biggest hotel in the world. It was clean and tidy with a wealth of elevators meaning one was always close by.

However, from a hotel critique point of view, let me continue. I regularly contribute on Tripadvisor so here is the truth.

Our room was awfully small and cramped, just as I'd read in numerous reviews of this hotel. If our room was a deluxe unit, I'd hate to see what a standard room would look like! The beds took up the majority of the space and our luggage ate up all the remaining room. It's okay for sleeping, provided you are immune to the altitude, but not for spending large chunks of the day in.

Urai, my sister-in-law, models on a bed whilst my mother-in-law and Florianna, another of my wife's sisters relax in the background. As you can see, there is not much space at all for moving around.

There was barely enough space to sit between the desk and the bed

My mum-in-law poses at the elevators on the 8th floor; the hotel being engulfed in mist outside


  1. Hi there. I think I would feel a bit claustrophobic in that room if I had to stay there for any length of time! As you say, goodness knows what the standard rooms would have been like, but it was a very kind thought of your mother in law! I can't get over how many rooms the hotel has. I hope you all didn't come down for breakfast at once! LOL!

  2. The hotel looks interesting from outside - it resembles the Austrian Hundertwasser's style. The hall is realy amazing and very much like an airport, as you said. Exactly that huge dimensions and having to wait after so many people, destroys the idea of de-luxe hotel. Not to mention the room...But I think you were rewarded by what you have seen around the hotel, so I am waiting to read and see more:)

    Anyhow, you have a young and pretty mother-in-law, Duncan, and it is very considerate for her to offer you a short break there!

  3. Thisisme, it was interesting that inside the elevators there was a sign informing us to stay calm if the lift got stuck. I thought to myself - "try telling that to someone with claustraphobia!!!"

    Traveling Hawk, my mother-in-law would be flattered with your kind remarks!

  4. wow, what a great review :) I liked you pictures, and it's true, they do seem a little cramped. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay though! :) Thanks for visiting my Blog ;) ! :)

  5. An interesting place but I think thanks to your post I would give it a miss :)
    I certainly missed some beautiful photographs here on your blog during my recent absence, great to be back catching up at last.

  6. The room is too small!
    No wonder they managed to squeeze over 6,000 rooms on the hilltop!!

    Genting has become too over-crowded, over-developed.
    I hope Cameron will not become like that one day.

  7. Certainly wild from the outside! Guess that's how they fit 6000 rooms in one building - they're tiny.

  8. You've not entirely sold this hotel to me, I'm afraid. It's too too big for my taste. I like to go to a hotel where the manager welcomes me in and shows me to my room. And I'd be all of a wobble having to sleep so close to the clouds. But your family looks lovely.

  9. Man, what a huge hotel! I hope none of those I've booked online for my trip are nearly that big! I always use Trip Advisor. Great.


  10. what a cool hotel! themed ones are always cool :)

  11. Barbara, thanks for coming along!

    Linda, I doubt I'll ever go again!

    London Caller, I'm unsure whether to try out Cameron Highlands either!

    Alex, I'm very wary of hotels with thousands of rooms now :)

    Rosalind, I enjoy that type of luxury too. Thanks for dropping by!

    Denise, Trip Advisor is very useful, though I do wonder about some of the awful reviews, if people are just exaggerating!

    Michelle, the hotel and its indoor theme park were very "cool"!


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