Thursday, October 22, 2009

Home Dining

It is better eating in than eating out.

So long as one can overcome the pulsating urge to splash the cash on fast food, eating in has so many more benefits. The temptation with dining out is the easiness of the way. No preparing ingredients, no frantically scrambling around the fridge, no sweating over the wok in preparation. Just walk in, sit down and eat.

Yesterday we resisted the temptation in East Coast Mall, and instead came home to prepare a lovely lunch.

We started by smothering some fish fillet which cost RM3, in flour, and throwing it into the wok to fry until golden brown.

We then used the remaining oil to fry my favourite 'ikan masin' or salted fish.

We then proceeded to cook some sausage chunks in tomato sauce soup whilst whipping out yesterday's leftover 'sambal belacan' from the fridge.

It was a delicious meal, more satisfying than a McDonalds or KFC, and at a significantly lower cost as well.

It was well worth the extra effort in preparing. Home Dining is definitely the best recipe for success!

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