Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Out and About

Our chosen method of transport is our car. There is no other alternative! Still waiting for Kuantan to grow so that a nice LRT service can be constructed, but I think that might be a dream too far. But there's nothing wrong with our car anyway, except the fact that there's no air-cond so we just wind down the windows and go 'natural.'

I did however, appreciate these beautiful trees lining the roadside near the Post Office, which was our first destination. The Kuantan Post Office has undergone a renovation and is now complete. It's a bigger, cleaner, whiter version of the old one, and is cooler too. Here it is in all its glory:

After paying our water bill which came to a ridiculously low total of RM3 (in Sterling Pounds this is around 60 pence), we walked around the corner to pick up my package from my mother.

The package contained ten lemsips so that I can fight the 'flu more effectively should it return at a later date, and, modelled by her, a bib for Lauren...

Next up was a trip to Carrefour to do some shopping. I am particularly pleased that they have Baked Beans here...

...and these donuts, which actually I don't eat very often anymore. Besides, if I did fancy a donut, it would be a "Big Apple" donut. They taste great, but too many of them have a cloying effect..

Hope you enjoyed our lunch hour dash to the Post Office and Carrefour. This afternoon I will be on the internet for a while, reading "The Garden of Evil" and playing badminton around 6pm. Tonight I should be simply relaxing while my wife has a test at school tonight. That's if 'relaxing' is possible when looking after a baby who misses their mummy!

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