Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clothes For The Feet

Man's best friend is not a dog. It is a pair of spruce shoes.

Every good man has a pair of good shoes.

It is a self-imposed motto, but one which will ring true for all suave gents who pride themselves in looking the part.

I have always had a fetish for footwear. Of all the attire I have purchased, I have never felt so passionate about the clothing for the feet.

At this point I should refer all readers to my sister's blog,, where you will discover an array of tantalising images of her beloved high-heels. I must say that I drew complete inspiration from her posting, to propose this equally sexy, male version.

I will now showcase two of my favourite pairs of shoes, one for formal occasions, the other for more sporty endeavours.

They are even pretty racy in bed...

And here is the sports shoe collection...

Puma did make good sports shoes back in the day, and I'm extremely proud of these snazzy items!

Wherever you go, Happy Walking, and remember to treat your feet with the best footwear.

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