Monday, October 26, 2009


My daughter, Lauren, is fast approaching two years of age, and is talking with ever-increasing frequency too. It is quite a struggle at times, keeping up with her and certain pronunciation that she uses! She learns new words so quickly.

This is Lauren's little ritual that she goes through every time we go shopping at Carrefour. Lie down comfortably, take a picture, off we go!


  1. What does this mean Duncan?

  2. Yes sorry that was something that went wrong and I couldn't delete the posting. So today I've changed it to this new post about Lauren!

  3. Lauren is so adorable! She's really growing up fast and doesn't look like a baby at all any more. I can't wait to see you all again and only hope it can be next year sometime. Some videos of Lauren chatting would be great, or some Skype time even :)

  4. Maybe this coming Saturday night here, morning your time, we can skype. Have the clocks turned back an hour yet?

  5. They went back an hour this past weekend. Saturdy morning I'm out at Faith in God until lunchtime. We're 8 hours behind you now.

  6. Ok how about Sunday morning your time? Say 10am your time, that will be 6pm here in Malaysia...


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