Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hot Kuantan!

We are still enduring the rainy season in Kuantan, but it was a different type of weather we had to endure on Sunday. The mercury in the thermometer ran up to 42 degrees C during the afternoon! Dealing with the rain and then the sun on alternate days is pretty tough, inducing headaches, nausea and runny noses. On Sunday, Kuantan was seriously hot, possessing the kind of temperatures you'd normally see in the Arabian desert.

Last night, we bought a small barbecue set and had a practise BBQ for Thursday night when we'll be having one with our neighbours. We got the BBQ started with the help of a few firestarters, and in no time we were ready to throw the chicken and sausages on.

Fidelia supervised the cooking of the food; I got the charcoal burning

Lauren was excited about the new BBQ
We did pull a master stroke and strategically placed a fan to blow the smoke away from the balcony into the open night sky. Thus we didn't disturb our neighbours and had no complaints from anyone! Now I'll be looking for some marshmallows to cook on the BBQ next time!


  1. Wow, BBQ party ay~~ That's wonderful~~~Y^^Y

    Jacky Chin

  2. It got up to 110 degrees when I was in Saint George this summer! Boiling...

  3. Yes Jacky, we're looking forward to tomorrow's BBQ! Rach, this lunchtime our thermometer read 50 degrees C which is equivalent to 120 degrees F! Incredible! It was 24C this morning, cold and raining, then burning hot like the Arabian desert at 11am! I'm guessing that's why my body is sick and suffering!


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