Monday, December 20, 2010

Zenith Hotel Views

Ok I lied. I'm going to do one more post about the Zenith Hotel. As I finished my Sunday afternoon stroll I met with a few workers at the Zenith Hotel and had a chat for 10-15 minutes. I discovered that there will be a countdown at the Zenith Hotel on Tuesday 21st December where tickets will be on sale for Christmas Day luncheon. The official opening will occur on Thursday 23rd December in which the public are invited. After a year and a half of snapping pictures of the Zenith Hotel's exterior, I'm more than eager to get inside and see if the interior is just as impressive!

Yesterday afternoon, I did a round-the-compass photographic essay of the Zenith Hotel, starting from the North (back) face of Zenith Hotel, walking around to the West and South facing facades.

This is the view of Zenith Hotel from my apartment in Bukit Sekilau, a 5-minute walk from  Putra Square

The natural trees are being cut down whilst the man-made Zenith Hotel is on the rise
The nature on this section of Jalan Dato Lim Hoe Lek has been reduced to mere stumps where once it was a thriving network of trees providing much-needed shade from the intense heat of the sun

Some trees, however, do remain
View of Zenith Hotel from the North-west
Up to the 10th floor, the rooms have been completed, as can be seen by the row of curtains in the windows reaching almost half way up

Malaysian jungle enshrouds the Zenith Hotel
The tops of the pink coloured flats can be seen at the base of Zenith Hotel.  Are they an eyesore beside this 5-star hotel?

The Zenith Hotel is located directly opposite East Coast Mall
The distinctive lettering stands at the top of Zenith Hotel
How will the Hotel LA's business fare when Zenith Hotel opens its doors on 23rd December?
View of Zenith Hotel from beside the football stadium, Darul Makmur
East Coast Mall and Zenith Hotel have changed the Kuantan skyline
The South-facing, front view, of Zenith Hotel from China Town
The Zenith Hotel overlooks East Coast Mall
These old flats are still occupying ground space on the doorstep of East Coast Mall, as the Zenith Hotel peers over

A green foreground fronts the Zenith Hotel looking from the South-East
The combination of East Coast Mall and Zenith Hotel is hoping to draw many visitors
Putra Square, from the new shop lots to the East
Menara Putra is still under construction
Heavy machinery still lingers on site
Just yards from the Zenith Hotel and Sultan Ahmad Shah International Convention Centre (SASICC), a war scene sits idly  in front of Menara Putra

Zenith Hotel, and SASICC, which I was told yesterday, is ready for business

The hilly entrance to the SASICC with the Zenith Hotel entrance in the background


  1. I was expecting your interviewing the GM of the hotel not the contract workers :p

  2. Haha! Please allow me to keep my silence on this issue for a few more days. I possibly have someone considerably HIGHER lined up. So I'm hoping to get some deeper insight regarding the Zenith Hotel!


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