Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zenith Hotel - December 2010

With under a month away from the deadline for the opening, here is how the Zenith Hotel is shaping up:

Classy lettering has been erected at the top of the Zenith Hotel

A drainage outlet at the bottom of the small hill in front of the Zenith Hotel. It is at least a couple of meters deep, ensuring good protection against potential flooding during the rainy season.

Is this road too narrow to accommodate a full to capacity Zenith Hotel and East Coast Mall (ECM)?
A view of ECM on the left, Zenith Hotel and Sultan Ahmad Shah International Convention Centre (SASICC) in the centre, and Menara Putra still under construction, on the right

An aerial view of Zenith Hotel, taken from the 3rd floor car park at ECM
SASICC from 3rd floor car park at ECM
The Zenith Hotel will be opening its doors in 2011
The storm clouds close in on Zenith Hotel
The front facade of the Zenith Hotel, SASICC and Menara Putra
Lots of glass windows decorate the first few floors of Zenith Hotel
Looking up to the 24th floor at the summit of Zenith Hotel
A small, neat, brown wall has been built all around the nearby flats, not so much for the flats themselves, as to further promote the surroundings of the Zenith Hotel

The little brown wall runs right up to the Zenith Hotel wall boundary
Not sure about the yellow oblongs on the front facade - they look distinctly out of place!
A mud-covered motorbike stands at the front court of Zenith Hotel, indicating that work is very much still going on.
This magnificent structure of the Zenith Hotel has dramatically altered the skyline of Kuantan

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