Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zenith Hotel To Open On 23rd December, 2010

The Zenith Hotel finally appears ready to open in Kuantan. The website for the Zenith Hotel, has updated its opening to the 23rd December, 2010. That makes just 5 days until the grand opening, before Christmas, as promised by a certain commenter on my blog who has remained anonymous.

This will be my final Zenith Hotel update and set of pictures before it officially opens as a completed and ready for business hotel. My friend, Jon Liang, who is the interior designer for the hotel, has uploaded a number of pictures of the interior of the Zenith Hotel through its construction phases. I must say that, from a critical approach, I'm left with mixed feelings about Zenith Hotel, from what I've seen. There are some areas that I love, like the distinctive arc design on the exterior, and other parts that I'm disappointed with, like the water feature.

Anyhow, here are the last few pictures I snapped a few days ago, as the Zenith Hotel prepares to open its doors to Kuantan, and the world:

So, the small structure at the entrance turned out to be a water feature, though it's extremely basic and a little disappointing. I really was expecting something amazing with water spraying upwards instead of trickling downwards. However, I have been told that there is some magic to come on the opening!

It was a beautiful hot day when I took this picture of the Zenith Hotel standing amidst azure skies with wispy clouds


  1. Hi Duncan,

    I was googling for some additional info on “The Zenith Hotel” and was put here..Thanks so much for sharing your inputs and some nice pics. I noticed that your also actively promoting this Hotel on the facebook!

    I was following the progress of Zenith since last year and until this date, i won't be able to give my vote of confidence that this Hotel could do well.

    I've read all your 5 reasons but still, it didn't brings much confidence that this Hotel could generate good income for its survival.

    Im sorry for my words but what else could be found in Kuantan? Except of its beaches but this hotel in not by the beach side. With 518 rooms, they must working real hard to achieve a reasonable occupancy rate with 5 star room rate.

    Yes, this Hotel helps to offer more jobs opportunity for the local but in order to do that and maintain the employment, the Hotel itself must be able to make money! Maintaining a 5 star hotel is a big cash.

    I dont know if they are targetting more revenue from the convention centre but i think they need more than a magic word to prove this development is gonna be a start towards the higher development for kuantan.

  2. I agree with everything you've mentioned here. I share the same worries. I also wrote an essay containing five reasons why Zenith Hotel will be detrimental to Kuantan. Please read about them here:

    The problem for me is the fact there are 500+ rooms, all at expensive prices. With virtually no foreigners visiting Kuantan (certainly not enough to fill this hotel) I'm just wondering who exactly will be staying there?

  3. You are both right and wrong! All great journeys start with the first step. I remember how negative some people were when the East Coast Mall was built.

    You are right if the hotel depends soley on existing traffic to fill up its rooms. You are wrong if the hotel taps a different market to bring more people to Kuantan.

    I like the fact that Duncan does not share the view that Kuantan has little to offer. If only more people see Kuantan through Duncan's eyes and appreciate the many things that locals tske for granted.

    Whose fault is it anyway that Kuantan has little to offer. I hear that Kuala Trengganu has surpassed Kuantan in developing tourist attractions. How did that happen? What are the authorities of the Pahang state doing to raise the profile of Kuantan as a preferred holiday destination? FC

  4. Hi Duncan & Another Anonymous :)

    It is true that a great journey start with the first step. Having said that, we also have to see whose leading the journey. I reckon the gm is the ex gm for swiss garden hotel. And Dato' Tew with his mega ECM and now Zenith Hotel is no doubt a mighty ambitious developer but can i say he's new to the hotel industry? First hotel in the group and a 5 star kuantan? Mah that is a bit risky but if it is a calculated risk, why dont?

    I am from Kuantan, and i def wanna see kuantan rise high in all angle..big malls, big hotels, etc. but as a person that works in the hospitality industry, i thought i could gain some educated feedbacks from you guys like you duncan whose been persistently following the progress of this hotel.

  5. FC, thanks for contributing here again, it's good to hear from you!

    I guess living in Kuantan as a foreigner, I naturally see beautiful things that I might not even regard if I were a Malaysian who had lived here all my life. I've been brought up in England so everything here is different to what I've been accustomed to for a good 22 years in my homeland. But I do believe a place can be as good and interesting as you make it :)

    FC, you've hit a good spot about tourism. While I have discovered many lovely attractions here in Kuantan, there still needs to be a lot more things of convenience for tourists, most notably a clean and reliable public transport system. I've always wondered for the last 4 years since I've lived here, why I never see more foreign tourists in such a beautiful, beach-side town? With better promotion Kuantan could rake in the tourists and the money!

  6. Response to anonymous commenting about ECM, December 21 2010 1:54PM. Thanks for your input to this discussion!

    I hesitated a little when you mentioned ECM because I'm not entirely sure it can be branded a success just yet. I feel that the excitement over its opening has most definitely faded, and actually, after the dust has now settled, it's quite a small shopping mall with a number of expensive shops. I find myself window shopping for the majority of my time there, only really buying food from Carrefour. I don't know how many average Kuantanites can really relate with ECM and buy everything they need from there? What do you think?

    It feels to me like it's definitely been constructed and outlets chosen, specifically for foreign tourists to spend their money, but I barely see a foreigner around!


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