Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 Days 'Till Christmas

Christmas is suddenly approaching as if from nowhere! Luckily I've done all the Christmas shopping so there will be no more last minute buying of presents! It seems strange to not write a post about the Zenith Hotel nowadays. Zenith Hotel is gearing up for its public opening on Thursday 23rd December, 2010, just another two days, and there is quite a lot of excitement going around as the countdown reaches a culmination.

There is, however, the other small matter of Christmas, a time where Christians the world over, including myself, take time to ponder the birth, life and ministry of Jesus Christ. It's a time of turning our minds to others, of giving of our time and gifts to warm others hearts, make friends and hopefully try to find a little peace!

Here are a few more pictures of our house as we prepare for Christmas:

Lauren's advent calendar from Grandma Horne!

These are attractive candles, but they are cheap and don't work very well at all! Still good for decorative purposes though!

Some home-made Christmas crackers, which can't be found in Kuantan

And here is our new bed-set, with a distinct red Christmas theme, as modelled by myself and my daughter, Lauren!

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