Monday, December 6, 2010

Kenny Rogers Roasters Kuantan

I'm always a little quietly apprehensive when trying out a new diner, and it wasn't any different when we ventured to Kenny Rogers Roasters at Berjaya Megamall in Kuantan recently. We mulled over the menu for a while before deciding to go and give Kenny Rogers Roasters a try.

First impressions are vital, and the most enduring, which is why I guess I came away with no real desire to go back to Kenny Rogers Roasters again.

As we were surfing the menu, a waitress stood right beside me waiting for our order. I was praying she would go away so I could scan the meals in peace, but unfortunately she didn't.

Then after we had just made our order, a poor little boy threw up his Kenny Rogers Roasters all over the floor right next to us. I was appalled to once again, see a mother berate her son for vomiting. The poor little boy was crying and obviously wasn't feeling well, and all he got from his mother was an earful of telling off.

To make matters doubly worse, the Kenny Rogers Roasters staff didn't seem to have the slightest clue what to do with the pile of fresh vomit sitting on the floor whilst guests waited at nearby tables for their food. For a number of minutes the staff just looked at the vomit, wondering if it would clean up by itself. One young man went to the back to get a mop, then left the mop sitting in a bucket doing absolutely nothing. We were sitting in our chairs urging him to take the mop and clean the vomit, but he just abandoned it.

With the mop now on the backburner, the young waiter grabbed some sheets of newspaper and placed them on the floor to cover the vomit, then walked away to somewhere unseen! "This is pathetic! How can you leave fresh vomit on the floor in a restaurant with people waiting to eat!!!???" It was indeed, almost laughable.

Eventually, a FEMALE worker came and removed the newspaper, grabbed the mop, and cleaned up the mess, while two MALE workers just stood there and watched her do it. I could have almost burst out laughing. Only I was waiting for my lunch and all that was on my mind was fresh vomit.

We moved to a quiet corner of the restaurant, away from a missed remnant of vomit right beside my wife's chair. I was training my mind to erase the memory of the vomit. It gladly worked.

The food, when it arrived, was substantial without being memorable. One of the dishes didn't arrive at our table until we had finished everything else, which was kind of annoying.

Enjoy the pictures of our time at Kenny Rogers Roasters:

I had us all tell how much we enjoyed our time at Kenny Rogers Roasters, by making a face for the camera. Here's the results:

Hmm...a little annoyed?

Can't believe what I've seen during this lunch hour!
Lauren had a whale of a time!
Afterwards I took Lauren for a ride on the train:


  1. About a year (or more) ago, during a family dinner outing we had an equally bad experience that we just had to walk off to another place for dinner; and hadn't returned since

    Food was ordered but nothing came for almost an hour (not even drinks) despite other tables getting their food already (and they came later than us)

    When we asked, no one seems to be giving any apologies or explanation at all... they were just like running around the place

    It seems, from your story, nothing much has improved there


  2. I'm comforted to know that we weren't the only ones! I doubt I will ever be returning there too.


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