Monday, July 25, 2011

Lauren's Developing Talents

So Lauren is growing quickly and we are starting to see her talents which she is developing. First of all, she's pretty good in front of a camera - will she be a model???

Secondly, she's equally as good behind the lens. Here she is in action with the camera on Fidelia's hand phone - will she be a photographer???

She snaps dozens of pictures at a time - just like her daddy!

Thirdly, Lauren has been trying her hand at teaching. Frequently she asks me if she can teach my tuition class. Sometimes I permit her and she sits in my chair and tells my students what to do! Will she be a teacher???

Next up, Lauren was watching the swimming on the TV with us yesterday while she was having a nice warm bath. We heard her voice saying "Look at me" and this is what she was doing - will she be a swimmer???

Lauren has also taken quite a shine to sports, in particular tennis, and here in this picture, football - will she be a sports star???

Finally, Lauren really enjoys drawing and colouring, and her pictures have been progressing rather nicely over the last few months. Here's her latest drawing which she presented to me - will she be an artist???

What do you think she'll be?!


  1. whatever she'll be, i think she'll make you guys proud.. I wish her all the best! She's very talented.. ^___^

  2. I think she will be a great teacher, a top notch executive or a successful businesswoman, maybe a great model.

  3. What cute photos of little Lauren! Who knows where her future will be. I just hope that her life will be filled with happiness and joy. What more could we ask for for our children?!

  4. Anna, thanks! We are proud of her already!

    ordinary malaysian, whatever she becomes, we'll be proud parents!

    Diane, you're right, children need to feel love and happiness at home, and when that comes with good teaching, there is nothing they can't achieve!

  5. I loved seeing Lauren and your sweet new baby. This was a very creative way to write about your daughter and this time in her life when all things are possible. A time when she is open to the world. I have a feeling that she will love anything that involves interaction with people, because her inner beauty will shine just as bright as her outer beauty. While she'll always have many talents and interests to help her along the way, because you are a teacher she will learn the intrinsic value and pleasure that comes of sharing and helping people. If she'd be at all interested in a little gift from my shop, I'd love to send her one, a present from one blogging family to another.

  6. kneesandpaws, thank you for the generous offer of a gift from your shop. I'll be over to your site soon to check it out. And thanks for those lovely and quite profound comments!


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