Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon. Don't feel like doing anything. Leah is asleep on the couch. Lauren is walking around the house not sure what to do. My wife is watching me check my email, facebook, and blog. It makes me uncomfortable but she too has nothing to do!

By the way, I have accomplished 500 blog posts since I opened this thing up two years ago. 

So on this 501st post, I'm sharing with you this nice video. It's Nelly featuring Tim McGraw, (who recently appeared on American Idol singing with Scotty) singing 'Over and Over'.

Sit back, relax, and happy Sunday!


  1. It's not a good Sunday for me. Got up to find my car brakes gone kaput. No workshops open today. Feel so helpless. But what the...opportunity to walk a little and smell the flowers.

  2. Congrats on 500 posts, sir! I have a long way to go from my current count of 130. That's impressive stuff.

    You posted one of my favorite songs. In college, I worked in a campus office that only got one radio station. That was one of the songs played at least three times per shift, and to this day, I think of my co-worker when I hear it.

    Enjoy your relaxing Sunday. I'll be doing the same for the most part. Gearing up for a full week of revising.

  3. Lovely song for us to enjoy on this Sunday. I like the new slide show effect at the top of your blog!

  4. ordinary malaysian, that's too bad! Did you manage to get out and enjoy the flowers?

    Hey Paul, I'm glad that song brought back some good memories for you. Have a great week!

    Diane, I spent quite a long time trying to find the best slideshow around and I believe I got it!


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