Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zenith Hotel and SAS International Convention Centre

It's been a while since I blogged about the famous Zenith Hotel where I was privileged to be

  • and finally were treated to a free one night stay by the General Manager

I must admit that those were good times indeed as I discovered that being a blogger can bring rich rewards! 

Last weekend there was a "perfectlivin" exhibition at the convention centre which I attended, if only to do some window shopping and snap a few pictures. I'm pleased to announce that the Zenith Hotel is almost completely finished with work going on on the 23rd and final floor. Here's how it looks:

There is lots of greenery lining the Zenith Hotel

Looking up the 23 floors of the Zenith Hotel

East Coast Mall, in the bottom right corner, has had a change of paint since the last time I was at Zenith Hotel and SASICC

Inside Zenith Hotel, the San Feng restaurant has opened it's doors on the first floor

A scene from the ground floor of the Zenith Hotel

Here are some of the highlights and images from the perfectlivin exhibition at the SASICC, which was covered over two floors.

I was attracted to this piece of Islamic art which portrays the 99 names of Allah (God), as found in the Holy Qur'an

The detail was beautiful


Garden landscaping

Plenty of taps!

My favourite thing to see was the lighting booths. Here are some real cool lights:

And here's an image from upstairs

Don't miss Fidelia's Friday tomorrow! Make sure to tune in . . . 


  1. Nice photos.. congratulation Dun.

  2. Another stunning batch of photos, sir! You have such a gift, Duncan!

  3. I like the pictures of the aquariums and of the lights.

  4. Thanks for your support, and Paul, I'm always practising!

    bidikart, thanks for following:)

    ordinary malaysian, I love the lights too!

  5. Hi Malaysia for all, thanks for the compliments!


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