Monday, July 4, 2011

A walk with Lauren

Yesterday I decided to take Lauren out for a short walk around the field while my wife and Leah were having a nap. It's always good to get out of the house for a while, get some fresh air, and take some pictures in the process. Lauren is ever the available subject for photographs!

The first shot was taken on the old badminton courts

Next we took some photos at the field

This is probably my favourite image!

A little mischievously, I plucked a flower from someone's small front garden, and placed it behind Lauren's ear!


  1. Your daughter have a sweet & beautiful smile :)

  2. Just beautiful!!! :D

  3. Your daughter is absolutely adorable, great photos!! If you haven't already, you should check out my sisters webpage,, she too is an avid photographer.

  4. love the second pix of the both of you !

  5. I like the picture of you and her on the bench the best! Such a happy looking little girl.

  6. Good bonding time between father and daughter. Those close-up shots of Lauren with the flower in her ear look great. It's nice to see Lauren always so happy.

  7. Oh I miss Lauren so much. I want to be there with her and take her to the field again. She looks lovely. I love the last picture the best. Thanks for your blog Duncan, it's a real help to keep us up with things in your lives when we're so far away. It almost "melts the miles" :)
    Love Mum xoxox

  8. A treasure of beautiful photos. The girl is adorable, you look very happy.

    Hey, I saw something on tv about a group of muslim preachers who compete on Malaysian television by singing etc. It's like a religious version of American Idol.

  9. Yvon S, she sure does!

    They are pretty aren't they, Fie?

    Monica, I'll check out your sister's blog soon. Thanks for sharing that with me!

    Jaya J, that is a nice picture isn't it? It came out pretty well.

    Bish and ordinary malaysian, Lauren is always happy, and that makes me happy too!

    Hi mum, thanks for coming for those 3 weeks. I'm so glad you're able to keep updated through this blog. Stay tuned!

    Thanks Linda and Anthony. Well Anthony, I'm sure that would be very interesting!

  10. Looks like she enjoyed the walk. She is so beautiful and has a cute smile!

  11. Yes she enjoyed it very much. Thanks Marie!

  12. She is so cute... What a beautiful blog you have to showcase your heart and your moving soul words! I simply adore you

  13. College essays, thank you very much, glad you enjoy the blog!


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