Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lauren and Leah

Here are two pictures - one of Lauren and one of Leah - just days after they were born.

To me, they look rather similar. What do you think?


  1. Yes, I agree! :)

  2. WOW!! Never thought for taking comparison photos for new born!! Great idea!

  3. Beautiful photos. That little ... pure tenderness. I wish you a happy summer.

  4. Well, they are. And they both look cute. Your are a lucky father.

  5. They're both very beautiful, Duncan, but to me the babies heads are a slightly different shape. By the way, your blog is opening more easily with the different photo at the top.

  6. It's good to have you here, my wife!

    FGF, thanks! It wasn't planned, I just wanted to show how small the head was by placing my hand there - later I remembered I did the same thing with Lauren 3 years earlier :)

    Thank you Leovi, we enjoy summer all year round here!

    ordinary malaysian, very lucky indeed!

    Rosalind, I'm glad it's opening quicker now. I'm planning on changing the photo from time to time -hope it all goes well!

  7. Of course they look similar: they are sisters and belong to the same parents:) Great girls you have, Duncan!

  8. Traveling Hawk, thanks, I'm very proud of them :)

  9. You have truly been an inspiration.Fabulous pics


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