Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The early differences between Lauren and Leah

Today we were looking back over the wealth of photos of Lauren in her early days of life. I'd love to be able to post them all on my blog but that would take an eternity to upload!

Anyway, we came across a couple of pictures which can be compared with ones we have snapped of Leah recently. Here we can see the differences between Lauren and Leah. What do you think?

Lauren spent 4 days under the UV light in the hospital following her birth, to counter jaundice

And here's Leah's time under the UV light - but she only stayed there for a day

And here are our two daughters in identical positions on my shoulder at about a month old:



What are the main differences? Or comparisons?


  1. Hi Duncan. I could be wrong, but Leah looks a lot smaller than Lauren at the same age. I'm sure they're keeping both of you very busy though!

  2. Hi Diane, Leah weighed in at 2.2kg when she was born while Lauren was 2.45kg, so you're right there! Yes they are keeping us busy but Lauren is helping us out and it's going well.

  3. Hi Dun, Congratulation on your newly born baby boy.. Hope you will have a happier life.

    Have you went to the neighborhood park Teluk Sisek? I like to suggest you to go there and take some pictures and share it here .. before, I did not know of its existence. here are some of my photos

  4. bidik art, it's a baby girl, not a boy!

    Yes I have been to Taman Kejiranan, however, we were swarmed by red ants and mosquitoes and had a very unpleasant experience. The nearby Taman Gelora is so much better!

  5. I apologize for wrong guesses about the baby .. and I feel very sorry for the incident that happen
    to you at the park. It can not be denied Taman Gelora is better, but the place was too familiar for local
    citizens. however I just love your blog and always follow

  6. bidik art, don't worry, I find it hard to discern the gender of some small babies too!

    Thank you for your support of my blog!


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