Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New flower patch at Kuantan Old Town

So as I was leaving the post office I noticed this new patch of bright flowers by the roadside. Kuantan Old Town is full of old buildings and shops, but these vibrant new flowers give it a new, dazzling look. I think they're a great addition. Let's hope they are still standing in a month or two.


  1. Hi Duncan. Hope you're still on the mend! That must have been a lovely surprise to see all that colour and, as usual, you have captured some lovely images, especially the close ups. I guess the extreme heat must be quite a problem with the flowers out there!

  2. Beautiful flowers!
    I also like the colorful scarves of Muslim ladies'. :))

    Malaysia is very colorful country, I think :D <3

  3. Diane, yes the heat takes its toll. I'm feeling much better thanks!

    Hi tomo, Malaysia is indeed very colourful! The two muslim ladies standing there made the picture very nice.

    Toyin, thanks for dropping by!

  4. Great pictures really. So colourful, bright and happy. And the Malay girls add a human dimension to all the cherfullness.

  5. Yes they do. Those flowers have certainly brightened up that part of the old town!


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