Friday, July 8, 2011

Flies getting down and dirty!!

Spotted these two on the branch of my orchid plant, getting down to business! In fact, this particular plant seems to be quite the love-spot for these flies - I've spotted such incidents on numerous occasions.

At first my Panasonic Lumix DMC-F2 had real problems focusing on the flies. It persisted on focusing on the background. The only clear picture I could get was too far away from the flies to see them!

So I grabbed a piece of white paper and with one hand held it behind the flies whilst I focused the camera in the other hand  -and hey hey, it locked on to them beautifully! This is a decent little tip if you're having focus problems with small objects. Neutralize the background with a piece of white paper!


  1. insect pornography ... lol :)


  2. Those flies obviously were otherwise engaged otherwise that sheet of paper would have made them fly away for sure. ;-)

  3. Yes Lukman, perhaps it could be termed that way!

    Rosalind, yep, they seemed oblivious to the paper right behind them. Lucky for me as the photographer!

  4. holy cow! Talk about super macro shots. The flies seem oblivious to everything but each other!

  5. Cool tip! And great shot. I am often frustrated when trying to take closeups of insects or flowers. Thanks :-)

  6. Traveling Hawk, I never liked insects until I possessed a camera!

    nutschell, they were totally oblivious! However, I would like a camera with better macro ability in the future. This Panasonic Lumix is limited. If it wasn't for the white paper trick, I would never have got these good shots!

    Teresa, welcome to my blog and thanks for dropping by. Hope that tip proves helpful for you :)


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