Friday, July 1, 2011

East Coast Mall, Kuantan

East Coast Mall is the newest shopping mall in Kuantan, located opposite the new 5-star Zenith Hotel and Sultan Ahmad Shah International Convention Centre (SASICC). This whole area, known as Putra Square, also includes long shop lots entitled Malay Town, Indian Town, China Town, and a more recently constructed shop lot beside the Zenith Hotel, SASICC and Menara Putra (an office block almost identical in design to the Zenith Hotel).

East Coast Mall has had a new lick of paint. It used to be yellow and brown; now it's pale brown/cream. Lauren hates it!

East Coast Mall is the newest shopping mall addition to Kuantan

Inside East Coast Mall, Kuantan

Sembonia, The Body Shop and Starbucks are a few of the stores on the Ground Floor of East Coast Mall, Kuantan

The beautiful but expensive Carlo Rino shop

Lauren poses with lifeless models inside East Coast Mall, Kuantan

Skin and body care dominate this aisle in East Coast Mall

A view of Ground, First and Second Floors at East Coast Mall, Kuantan

The 'Sweetly' candy stall on First Floor of East Coast Mall, Kuantan

This stall makes nice waffles at East Coast Mall, Kuantan

What filling would you like in your waffle?

Leah outside aL-ikhsaN football shop, selling jerseys, balls, boots and other footy equipment and accessories

East Coast Mall main entrance at Ground Floor. At holidays like Deepavali (picture), a decoration is constructed to mark the day


  1. Great pictures as always, my friend. I love learning about your country and culture.

  2. WOW! I have not seen this mall before.... Hmm must be my hubby trying to avoid me from shopping and ruin his perfect day at the beach! :)

  3. It is good to be back at last catching up with your blogging activities and I thoroughly enjoyed the photos of your parents recent visit. Happy Memories that you will all treasure for years to come. I am so grateful that my parents got to visit us here in Italy :)

  4. Pahang should seriously consider awarding you a Datukship for promoting so many of Kuantan's shopping malls and places of interest, Duncan. But nice pictures of the mall. The new coat of paint maybe a little laid-back and that may explain Lauren's dislike. I thought shopping mall owners are pricky about people taking photos of the interior. I once tried to take some photos inside a shopping mall in Singapore and was told not to.

  5. Thanks Paul, appreciate it!

    FGF, well they just re-painted it from a nice yellow to this dull brown.

    Linda, yes, these visits are especially meaningful when the distance travelled is so much greater!

    ordinary malaysian, I've never been asked not to take photos in EC Mall, I even took a video in there 3 years ago when my parents came the first time. There is no sign at the front entrance regarding taking pictures, so I just go in there and snap away!

    Regarding the Datukship, I doubt they would bestow it upon me after all my complaints about government hospitals!


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