Monday, January 3, 2011

Top Ten Photos of 2010

It has been said that a picture can speak a thousand words. But what about if you have a thousand pictures? 2010 has been a productive year with camera in hand, and here I am sharing my ten favourite photos of the past year with captions to describe each one. There is great power in both words and pictures, and when combined, they are capable of inducing fascination in the eyes and mind of the beholder.

So here are my top ten favourite photos of 2010 in descending order:

10. Snapped and stored in mid-year, the memory of this magnificent tree overhanging the green lake waters will remain forever. Fronting the South China Sea, Taman Gelora, or "Billow Park", is aptly named.
To see more of the beautiful Taman Gelora, CLICK HERE

9. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Swiss Garden Resort & Spa. Jets of water neatly spurt out into the deep tub as a rope fence separates it from the children's pool.
To read more of our stay at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, VISIT THIS LINK

8. Close family members and a friend joined us in celebrating Fidelia's graduation from Universiti Malaysia Pahang on Saturday 9th October, 2010. She achieved such honours whilst being engaged, married, living off campus, pregnant, sick, giving birth, missing semesters, bringing up and looking after a baby, before completing the course 6 years later!
To read more about her graduation day, CLICK HERE

7. When taking close-up pictures of flowers, two obstacles stand in the way - the breeze moving the object and the photographer's wavering hand. This one came out as steady as anything!
To observe more of Kuantan's nature FOLLOW THIS LINK

6. This photo narrowly missed out on a top-5 spot. Thin curves of smoke ghost upwards as food offerings accompanied by prayers ascend up into the air and ears of God. My visit to the Tow Moo Keong temple CAN BE FOUND HERE

5. A fascinating array of historic rocks lay strewn across the shore, eroded into peculiar shapes by tidal wind and wave.
For more pictures of these mesmerising rocks, BE SURE TO CLICK HERE

4. Taken on the last day of 2010, hues of green, blue and amber emanating from the bar, permeate the lounge in a comfortable corner of the new 5-star Zenith Hotel.
To see what else I got up to on New Years Eve at the Zenith Hotel, CLICK RIGHT HERE

3. Easily my best flower picture of the year. This purple lily slowly unfolds its petals, revealing the treasure within.
For more nature images, COME AND VISIT MY OTHER BLOG

2. It was difficult choosing which way around number one and two should be. The Fullerton Hotel, surrounded by skyscrapers, lights up the night over Marina Bay, Singapore.
To discover more of my awesome journey to Marina Bay in Singapore, TAKE A FEW MORE MINUTES AND CLICK HERE

1. Here it is, number one! Owing to the degree of difficulty in obtaining this picture, bike standing on the football field, tripod attached to camera, tripod balancing on my bicycle seat, the darkness of night, and a nervous wait on a 30-second shutter speed, this image topped them all.

On the eve of Hari Raya, pious Muslims flocked to the brilliantly illuminated Pahang State Mosque to offer their devotions as the one-month fast drew to an end, and 30 days of feasting followed.
For more pictures of this night, HOVER THE MOUSE HERE. . . . . AND PUSH THE BUTTON

I'd love to hear from you about my selection of pictures. Do you like them, or are some of them lousy? Did I make the right choice as to the number one? Which are your favourites? Just drop me a comment and let me know what you think! Thanks, and have a wonderful new year!


  1. You put my number 1 in 3rd place. I love that beautiful, perfect purple lily best of all. A stunning array of pictures, but where is Lauren on the Graduation picture? She should have been on there.

  2. I like the Singapore night picture and also the lily.. love them... lily no 1 and Singapore no 2... anyway, they are all lovely pictures babe!!

  3. Thanks ladies, I guess any of those top 3 could have been the number one! Mum, I don't really know why Lauren wasn't in that picture...she was in a lot of others though :)


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