Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trees In Kuantan Part 2 - Branches

In Part 2 of the Trees In Kuantan series, I will be exploring branches - the way a tree grows and divides itself up to spread the load and become established. Branches can be short, long, crooked or straight, smothered in leaves or thorns, or bare naked. Branches are used to describe a company's workplace in various locations in the world, a church organisation's chapels or groups of members in certain geographical locations, and even used to describe detailed fields of study covering many topics. But nowhere are branches better observed than where they naturally belong - on a tree.

Branches grow at all angles from the trunk

These crooked branches span out in all directions, giving the best chance of its leaves receiving maximum sunlight, absorbing carbon dioxide, and giving off oxygen

These branches are covered in growth

Some branches have little shoots growing off them

Here they are shown with more clarity

This branch is a little worse for wear

This branch comes to a regrettably abrupt end

This branch winds its way up to the higher reaches of the tree

Like spokes of a bicycle wheel, these branches spurt out in all directions

These branches grow in a circular range around the trunk

Hanging across the road, this branch has been experiencing some extra bulging

The following intriguing tree is plastered with prickly thorns over its branches:

This strange image depicts hairs standing on end at the termination of this branch

I love this soft, furry branch

A tiny branch grows new leaves

Branches support leaves, which in these three pictures, are basking in the sunlight:

Branches play an important role in providing place for leaves to grow. Here, the branches are bathed in a green glow as sunlight gloriously shines through the green canopy of leaves.

"For I, the Lord God, created all things...spiritually, before they were naturally upon the face of the earth."

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