Monday, January 17, 2011

Zenith Hotel Food Sampling Session

I was invited Friday 14th January to the Zenith Hotel to participate in a Food Sampling Session. The press were there for the occasion as the Zenith Hotel chef's food was put to the test. Overall, the food was very nice, paired with an ever-eager waiter who was determined to have me wear my napkin across my lap! Look through the pictures from the night:

A chef prepares some food

This was a sweet little desert...I want more!

Management and chefs present the food to the press

Lauren enjoyed sitting in the lounge

The luxurious interior of the Zenith Hotel

My wife's shoe hangs from the sofa over the striped carpet in the lounge

The distinctive 'Z' logo of the Zenith Hotel, arrayed across the lobby windows

The lobby, as Zenith Hotel prepares for Chinese New Year

I must admit, these stairs, illuminated in a blue glow, are a marvellous attraction of the Zenith Hotel. My daughter, and as you will see, myself included, love this area of the hotel, which is fantastic for taking pictures.

My wife and Lauren pose by the entrance to Zenith Hotel. I must say, if there is one thing to single out for a little critique, it is the water features here at the entrance and in the lobby. They are very basic and I would have loved to have seen something more 'grand' for such a luxurious hotel. But perhaps my expectations are too high?

In fact, the word 'Zenith' means the point in the sky directly above where one stands. The hotel building in itself is therefore very appropriately named. One finds himself gazing directly upward, looking to the top of the hotel. It would have been great if the water caused us to look upwards too, which the word 'zenith' seems to demand. But the water in this feature drops downwards instead.

The recently added bright white lamps lining the front of the Zenith Hotel


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