Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Staying at Zenith Hotel tomorrow!

We will be staying at the Zenith Hotel tomorrow, thanks to the offer of Jerina Foong, General Manager of the Zenith Hotel, of a night's stay. I have been following Zenith Hotel's progress since it began construction back in April 2009. I have included photos and written articles about its rise regularly on this blog. As a result, my blog was discovered on a google search by the hotel management, and I'm now on the cusp of a free stay at the 5-star Zenith Hotel, all due to my blogging about it.

There is power in consistent blogging. I never imagined that I'd be so connected to the Zenith Hotel when I first started following its building process. In under two years, an empty piece of wasteland has been transformed into a stunning 5-star hotel which is iconic on the outside and possesses a beautiful interior. This piece of land is now making money quick and has increased Kuantan's attractiveness as a place to visit.

We are rather excited for our stay at Zenith Hotel tomorrow. We will be checking in around 1pm and are hoping that the recent hot and sunny weather will dominate Kuantan again so we can enjoy a swim in the pool in the afternoon. The gymnasium is complimentary for those who are staying at the Zenith Hotel, so I may give that a try too. We're also greatly anticipating a nice buffet breakfast, which is part of the package as well. And you can rest assured, there will be plenty of pictures taken with my trusty Panasonic Lumix DMC-F2 camera.

Look out for my assessment of Zenith Hotel during my night's stay there, coming soon!


  1. Enjoy your stay at Zenith Hotel with your family !! Your wonderful coverage of the Hotel paid off !


  2. Hello~! Nice pictures of the hotel along with the descriptions.
    I have followed your blog.

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  3. Yes Jack, I'm glad people have enjoyed the ongoing coverage! There will be more to come soon.

    Stock Investing and Trading: I'll be glad to follow your blog. Thanks for supporting mine!


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